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Create the best
Customer Experience.

Real customer relationships start with the basics: a crystal-clear customer profile, a relevant value proposition, and understandable communication.

There are no facts inside the building,
so get the hell outside.

Steve Blank
Steve Blank

Entrepreneur, Investor and Customer Development Evangelist

Challenges our customers face.

Does that look familiar?

Your benefits with tractionwise

increase sales

Develop revenues through ideal, long-term customer relationships

cut costs

Spend less effort and time for tough and less successful customer relationships

remain relevant

Customer-centric solution development to avoid the Kodak moment*

* Kodak moment: Finding out that solutions you have developed are outdated.

Achieve sustainable and profitable growth for your company
by 100% customer-centricity using tractionwise.

Uncover the potentials for your customer relationships now

Hands-on to your ideal customers in a webinar or workshop.
Webinar Workshop Hero

We are trusted by brands you trust​

Customers and partners tell the best stories

Businesses get the clear customer's point of view

Through innovative and disruptive approaches, we have been able to define our customers in a completely new profile. This helps us to respond to the individual needs of the various stakeholder groups and to increase our success rate. We are looking forward to the next boost with tractionwise!  

Heini O. Seger
Chairman @ tomsfive AG

Heini Seger tomsfive AG
Heini Seger tomsfive AG
Heini Seger tomsfive AG