It is about you and your business

You are the main reason why tractionwise exists. You, founder, entrepreneur, managing director.
As a backbone you put your passion into the company you believe in and give everything.
This can still be at a very early stage of the foundation, in the case of a (further) funding round, a market entry into new markets or a product launch. Possibly, the customer profile of your company has also changed over time and you have been unaware of it.
You often endure long periods of drought and simply deserve that your company stands out and grows.
Traction is not everything, but without traction everything is nothing. For a sustainable and effective marketing of your company, your products and services, the customer must be the center of your attention.

André Wehr (Founder & Traction Enthusiast)


Everything about tractionwise

The Why - the way it started

For our founder André Wehr, the following picture emerged in his first start-up. The possibilities in marketing are almost endless. So many channels, so little time and money. Where should one just start?
With a failure, André and his former co-founder realized that they did not really understand their customers. That's why they could not focus their marketing energy.
Getting to know and work with customer centricity and the goal Traction was a real eye-opener for André. He wants to share this experience with as many companies as possible.

The How - the way we proceed

Our Traction methodology is based on two pillars. First, we build an extremely good understanding for you and your customers.
Then we'll work with you, your team and your customers to find the best ways to get your solutions to the right customers.

Vision and Mission


We want every business, young startup or traditional company, to be successful through customer focus and resource-efficient marketing.


The mission of tractionwise is to help companies truly understand their customers and reach them in the most efficient and effective way to deliver proven business success.

Our Management Team


André Wehr

Co-Founder & CEO

Manuel Schmidt

Co-Founder & CMO

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