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8 common affiliate marketing mistakes – Call to Traction

8 common affiliate marketing mistakes
Many companies that use affiliates to bring products to customers, becoming advertisers, believe that affiliate marketing is self-perpetuating. But far from it. Here are the most common mistakes and impulses, how they do not arise.

1. Get started with your affiliate program and lean back, it will work on its own

Affiliate marketing as an advertiser seems easy, but can be very complex. Understand affiliate marketing as a channel in your funnel. It's all about agreeing on conditions with the publishers, thereby distributing the risk and the work fairly.

2. Since the Christmas business could be very expensive, we prefer to take a break from November

Referral marketing with publishers has a long-term effect. Therefore, it is necessary to include seasonal effects. In a sustainable co-operation between Advertiser, so you, and the Publisher should not be reduced in the best case just in the high season, the commissions or suspended the program, because "the traffic pours in any way".

3. What do new technologies take care of, and we continue to focus on cookie tracking

Mobile browsers, apps, and adblockers now effectively prevent cookies from being set or read for tracking. Many affiliate networks and service providers have been developing new technologies for a long time, which are unfortunately not being used very often by advertisers.

4. We prefer not to talk to our publishers, then it's quiet and we save ourselves staff

Affiliate marketing thrives on the exchange of the parties involved. So, joint appointments and socializing at events should be part of professional collaboration. Nevertheless, there are affiliate programs where the affiliate manager is not named with contact details. Thus, publishers may not know their right contact person.

5. We prefer not to tell our publishers what we sell well, not that they pass it on to the competition

The more information our publisher has about us, the better the content can be played. By sharing selected KPIs with partners, Affiliate Marketing can add value to portfolios of channels.

6. Let us plan long-term offers and end them early

Offers and promotions can greatly increase the perception of your product. Such actions require good planning and coordination between the advertiser and the publisher. A short-term early cancellation of the campaign is therefore not well received and brings your publishers planned sales after their investment. You will also irritate the customers.

7. Our website needs to be relaunched - the Best time to forget the tracking

In affiliate marketing, tracking is not just about measuring success, but ultimately about the monetary involvement of your publishers. A relaunch of your website is, therefore, a delicate period. That is why close cooperation and communication with partners is important here.

8. We still have time with our sales confirmation

The topic of money is hugely important to publishers. Therefore, a clear, transparent and easy to understand commission model with punctual payouts is the alpha and omega for a trusting and reliable cooperation.
André Wehr
André Wehr
As a founder and entrepreneur, I experience every day how important Traction and Customer Centricity is. It makes the difference between a nice idea and a viable business.

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