11. May 2019

Performance Marketing – why this discipline is essential for your business

Marketers are terming “performance marketing” as the next big thing in digital marketing; digital marketing has really grown in recent years, due to the advances in […]
10. May 2019
premature scaling small boy super hero

Premature Scaling – why you should not mix it up with real scaling

When talking in startup environments about premature scaling, any random person may think it is just another step taken by entrepreneurs in flourishing their business, and […]
4. May 2019
customer lifetime value woman with credit card

How you calculate the Customer Lifetime Value

How You Calculate the Customer Lifetime Value For developing business success, it is not only important for a company to create a large customer list. Rather, […]
2. May 2019
call to traction sales quo vadis

Sales quo vadis – Call to Traction