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How Blockchain can change the Marketing world

call to traction marketing changes via Blockchain - tractionwise
Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. Ethereum. These related keywords have recently been found in many articles and publications. So more and more people want to learn about the blockchain, the decentralized technology behind it.
Experts predict that 2018 and the following years will be crucial years for the blockchain. They also find that this technology will dramatically change many industries.


How Blockchain can turn the marketing world upside down

1. Brands can appeal to consumers better

As with many new technologies, it is very early to truly understand how blockchain can affect marketing. Already it can be seen that it has the ability to dissolve the middlemen in digital advertising. That can take years to replace Google and Facebook, if that. Due to the transparency of the blockchain, it will first help brands build trust with consumers.

2. Malicious commercials will grow

JavaScript-based cryptocurrency miners have already been discovered that use the CPU power of website visitors to return "coins" to site owners. There will be an explosion of this kind of dodgy ads on major websites in 2018, especially as "ad-blockers" become more popular by default.

3. Privacy issues are resolved and trust in advertisers increases

An important aspect will be that users regain control over the amount of personal information they disclose. This also increases the social responsibility of the advertisers.

4. Decentralization will cut out the middle men

Marketing and advertising startups in the blockchain sector are already appearing. They aim to provide a sort of credit system between advertisers and the consumer that will completely remove middlemen in the media.

5. The industry for fraud verification will grow

Online advertising is complex when it comes to ensuring that media are bought and delivered as intended. The blockchain will make this more transparent. With the Blockchain we can check where, how and by whom ads are displayed.

6. Delivery and reporting are transformed

The first area of ​​marketing that was affected by Blockchain even on a small scale in the past year was the provision of video content. This will be possible beyond video in 2018 for more content producers.

7. Advertising becomes more transparent

Marketers like to publish case studies of their success stories that produced amazing results. The step-by-step implementation of the Blockchain provides visibility into marketing needs as each journey can be analyzed and validated. This will even lead to contracts being negotiated and conditions accepted on the basis of these results.

8. Influencers will be less in number, but better in quality

Influencer marketing campaigns will change completely. With Blockchain, marketers can see if the influencer's followers are real people or just bots. In essence, it will reduce the number of influencers, but leave the top influencers at the top.

9. Publishers will take more responsibility

Technologies such as Ethereum make publishers more transparent as transactions become more transparent. Advertisers can see exactly where their traffic is going.

10. The blockchain will solve many industrial problems

Blockchain projects are launched that provide payment processing or fraud prevention solutions within the Ad Exchange environment. Other areas with blockchain technology could solve for traceability, billing, and publisher / advertiser transactions.

All in all, it will be extremely exciting to see what is happening with the blockchain in marketing or is already underway. The 10 points mentioned here are certainly just the tip of the little-explored iceberg.

André Wehr
André Wehr
As a founder and entrepreneur, I experience every day how important Traction and Customer Centricity is. It makes the difference between a nice idea and a viable business.

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