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What is Blogger and Influencer Marketing and why do I need it?

Blogger and Influencer Relations is the identification, contact and curation of your company's relationships with bloggers and influencers.
Bloggers operate a blog, whereas influencers use social networks as their communication tool. In contrast to journalists, they usually do not work for the media.
Bloggers write about different topics on their own platform. As a rule, they have a smaller but clearly defined target group. Independence is very important to them.
Influencers can be both "celebrities" as well as known persons. They mostly use existing platforms like Instagram, Facebook or Youtube instead of their own blog.
Similar to bloggers, Micro-influencers usually have smaller and more specific target groups. For them, the personal interest in a topic is their focus. Main advantage from a marketing perspective is their high credibility, because they rather publish less in order to make money from it.

That's what Blogger and Influencer Marketing is all about

Unlike classic media, bloggers are considered more authentic. They are very well connected in their industry, are very knowledgeable in their field and have a loyal audience.

The primary goal is to create a win-win situation for both sides. So you can offer the blogger exciting and new topics for his or her target group (which is also your target group). In the best case, your subject gets the reach of the influencer.

So you will be visible to a larger group of potential customers through an unobtrusive way. Blogger and Influencer relations are usually a continuous process, not a single campaign. Building and maintaining a relationship with a blogger or influencer can be broken down into the following phases.
Phase 1: Following and Listening
Follow bloggers or influencers who write about your topics, related products, services, or brands. By listening, recognize the dialogue between blogger / influencer and his followers in the form of comments.
Phase 2: Get involved and support
Be active and get involved by liking, commenting or even sharing the contributions. This is not about adulation, but a valuable exchange. By doing this, your contact with the blogger or influencer is perceived very naturally.
Phase 3: consolidate and maintain the relationship
Once you have made the contact and the interest is aroused, you can intensify the relationship. Communicate via mail or phone. Similar to your customers, it is also important for bloggers or influencers to understand their pains and gains and then deliver them significant added value.

Numbers, data and facts about Bloggers and Influencers

Awesome Tools for Blogger and Influencer Marketing

Google Alerts

Get news and tips via Mail or News Feed inspiring you about existing Bloggers and Influencers on your topic. In this way, you will definitely be aware of influencers and bloggers.

Blog Directories

In the blog directory of Best of the Web , EatonWeb or OnToplist you will find relevant blogs for your topic.

Influencer Marketing Tool

Buzzsumo and Deep Social are some of the best-known tools for finding and rating influencers . It evaluates data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and others and generates a keyword for the most influential persons.

Insights Tool

To get demographic and geographic information about blogs and websites, SimilarWeb as one great tool offers many features.

4 Mistakes to avoid with Blogger and Influencer Marketing

Blogs and influencers do not suit your target group at all

You either did not even look at the single blog or simply dropped a mass mail to bloggers or influencers. In the latter case, you then hope for a sufficient number of answers that can lead to cooperation. Most bloggers and influencers sort these requests out mercilessly. For those who are not so specific, the authenticity suffers and their readers or followers wander off.

Lack of honesty

Many offers to bloggers and influencers of companies are simply not honest. If you have a certain budget that should go into building this channel, then constant negotiation for a few Euros or Dollars makes little sense. Many companies want to get the most out of the content, as well as the advertising content, while keeping the budget at a minimum. So "benevolent articles" are required, although this is completely against the style and attitude of the influencer or blogger.

There is no advantage for the blogger or influencer

From a cooperation and relationship with a blogger or influencer, both sides must emerge as winners. The blogger invests time and sometimes money to design, film or write a post. Anyone who sees the influencer or blogger as a "stupid" assistant instead of an equal partner has already lost.

Completely impersonal approach

Often mistakes show in the introduction already. Companies send standard letters or have not read the blog once or watched the influencer in their channels. There should even be approaches in the form of "Dear Blogger" or "Hi Influencer". These messages typically end up in the trash and there is no cooperation.

Classification of blogger and influencer relations in the marketing context

Blogger and Influencer Marketing within the Funnel

Throughout the marketing and sales funnel, the activities you perform with influencer marketing are between top of the funnel and the middle funnel.

It focuses on attention-creating measures, so that your product or service is visible and gets understood by the customer. This leads to trust in the readership and followership of the blogger or influencer.

Immediate impact towards sustainability

Like direct sales, influencer marketing has a similar immediate impact on your potential customers with a loyal and very specific follow up.

In terms of sustainability, the channel is superior to both sales and other channels such as offline advertising.

Classification in the channel portfolio

As you build your portfolio of channels and actions, blogger and influencer marketing will typically have the function of targeting people who are both followers of the influencer and your potential customers.

This channel thus works best in conjunction with the very long-term as well as medium-term channels.

4 often underestimated Tips and Hacks in Blogger and Influencer Marketing

Give the blogger / influencer creative freedom

Great and unique campaigns can only be created with the freedom for influencers and bloggers who are thriving on their creativity. So, if you go into a cooperation, agree on left and right borders for the influencer, and where he or she wants to let off steam in a free and authentic way.

Implement common goals

Ultimately, it is about sustainable relationship building with successful influencer and blog marketing. You are working on sharing knowledge and experience and moving forward to one or more predefined goals. Concepts for influencers Collaborations can be diverse, but they always have one thing in common: they have been worked out from planning through implementation to success measurement.

Choose your partners wisely

It's not just the reach of the influencer or blogger that counts. Rather, it must be true that he or she at all fits in with your product, service or company. So the goal is to have the largest possible intersection of the target group of the influencer and your target group.

Take your time

Time is probably the most important resource in building Blogger Relations. You build trust, and that's not from one mail to another, at least not usually. The solution is to build rather smaller blogger relationships rather than a huge one that costs a lot of money. Then both sides have a long-term gain.

These Key Performance Indicators (KPI) count in blogger and influencer marketing


Reach is a measure of the potential size of the audience that the influencer can reach with any message. It does not say that all the members of his or her audience will actually see the post or blog post.
Social Buzz: How many mentions does the article have?
Share of Buzz: How many mentions does the post receive compared to the total?
Development Social Buzz / Share of Buzz: Number of mentions over time
Number of fans (in the broadest sense): How many followers do you have on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?


How active are the followers in comments, answers, postings or likes.
Number of Posts / Comments / Likes (total or per post)
Retweets / Replies (total or per Tweet)


What does a particular audience feel for a brand, a company or a product? Mostly determined on the basis of social media data.
Sentiment: What is the mood and tonality of the posts? How many positive, negative and neutral mentions do you have?
Loyalty, Referral Rate : What is the number of loyal / recommended responses compared to the total number of responses?

Conversion rate to clicks and website visits

How much traffic was generated via the influencer content? If you use a tracking URL, you can either measure the entire action or traffic through each influencer or blogger.

Let's go

You see that blogger and influencer marketing is a really great way to make your business visible to your target audience. It's about building a partnership with a blogger or influencer on an equal footing.
In the marketing funnel, influencer marketing is one of the early channels to go because it is often one of the first points of contact for unreached potential customers with your product or service. If you have established a win-win relationship, it allows you to specifically target customers.
And now, look for bloggers and influencers who have followers with a very large intersection with your customers.

You want more Impulses to Blogger and Influencer Marketing?


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