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How to implement a customer-oriented marketing mindset – Call to Traction

customer oriented marketing mindset
In day-to-day marketing work, customer orientation gets under the wheels. We always focus on what's most urgent. It seems that in such moments the customer-centered mindset is important but not critical. The truth, however, is that a customer-mindset is necessary to make our marketing sustainable.

How can you as a busy marketer implement a customer-oriented mindset?

Here are 5 impulses:

1. Get to know the real people behind the personas

As potential customers, the prospects, become clients, they tend to "set and forget" or are treated as personas who simply do not develop. The consequence, if you do not listen to the customers and their needs, is that you work in the dark and thus on the basis of a long outdated persona. To avoid this, Customer Focus Groups can help you understand which messages resonate the best.

2. Do not overlook the value of a real connection

For companies, the core is human engagement. Ultimately, people buy from other people. In everyday work a real connection is ever lost. Therefore, whenever possible, seize the opportunity to make a personal meeting or phone call rather than a purely written conversation.

3. Strategically deploy technology and put the customer first

People are attracted to authenticity, so personalization is an important part. Here, technology can help to help your team scale activities through, for example, marketing automation. This can be used for invitations to events, welcome and onboarding communication. Important: When using tech, the customer experience should not suffer at the expense of internal goals.

4. Use the right kind of contact at the right time

Despite all automation, there will be customers who want to talk to a real person from your company from time to time. That's why marketing teams should constantly question themselves: when does a response or communication require a human touch, even if it's automated?

5. Be committed to a customer-first philosophy beyond marketing

It should become more and more important for companies, not just in marketing, to continue to listen to customers, work there to get the customer input and bring it to life. Customer orientation does not stop at a department. It should become the responsibility of everyone in the company. As marketing and sales overlap more and more, other areas of a business need to be empowered to support customers in the right way.

True success can be achieved if everyone works together to put the true people first - customers and potential customers.

André Wehr
André Wehr
As a founder and entrepreneur, I experience every day how important Traction and Customer Centricity is. It makes the difference between a nice idea and a viable business.

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