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21. September 2017
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22. November 2017
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Email Marketing is alive – Call to Traction

email marketing is alive
With all the possibilities offered by existing social media platforms such as Facebook and the like, one would think that the email is actually dead. But far from it. Professional marketers are steadily increasing their email marketing budgets, especially for the coming year.

Reasons why the email can also be an effective tool for you

47% of marketers report that email accounts for most of their return on investment (ROI) in their business. 58% of marketers plan to increase their email marketing spend by 2018.

Not just for B2B, but also for B2C

Sprout Social's Bambu issued a report asking consumers how they wanted to be informed about products or services. The outstanding result revealed that almost every second person prefers the email. (Source of the following graphic: Bambu )
André Wehr
André Wehr
As a founder and entrepreneur, I experience every day how important Traction and Customer Centricity is. It makes the difference between a nice idea and a viable business.

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