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4. January 2019
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15. January 2019
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Engineering as Marketing traction

What is Engineering as Marketing and why is it important for my business?

Engineering as Marketing is all about this

When I’m saying Engineering as Marketing I imply the effective utilization of the engineering time (your time or the time of your team) for development of new useful tools such as calculators, checkers or check lists, widgets or for building new micro-websites, which would land your company in the demand area of your potential customers.
Providing your customers access to such tools builds trustworthy relationship between you and your potential customers, naturally enhancing your credibility image. So, he or she can make their first step towards your company without having to reach deep in their wallets.

Engineering as marketing facts and figures

  • According to Venture Harbour, a company which provides their potential customers something personalized, engaging and value-adding, for instance, by Lead Magnet Tools, can achieve 30 to 40% Conversion rate.
  • The colleagues of Business to Community have found out that about 90% of marketers believe that interactive content (like Engineering as Marketing) makes them stand out from the competition.

4 mistakes with Engineering as Marketing you should avoid

Your Call to Action is pretty vague

Don’t ask too much from your potential customers. Yet, anyway you should ask something the user of your marvelous tool. Call to action is essential, and the vendor who thinks their leads and visitors know better what to do next, are so wrong. Your prompts and instructions have to be clear and unambiguous.

Your contact forms are too long

One of the biggest mistakes many companies do is to ask website visitors and potential clients to fill in long contact forms, asking for a lot of information (name, position, e-mail, phone number, their company name and so on).
The contact forms that are time-consuming make your lose your potential buyers.

You overcomplicate the whole thing

Companies that use some tool or a freebie as Lead Magnet sometimes make their visitors go through a poor layout, confusing instructions or suggest choosing something from way too many alternatives. Place your tool that you offer always on the same page with as few distractions as possible.

The Quick Win is missing

Often we can see engineering marketing tools promise, for instance "87 steps to lose 5 kilos". What does a customer see? Well, he obviously sees a routine path with too many steps and a dubious result of no fast improvement. Why not trying to make the product promise wording sound more user-friendly? Like: "How to feel full longer, just in 5 minutes a day".

Engineering as marketing in the whole context of marketing

Engineering as Marketing in the entire Marketing Funnel

When we look at the whole marketing funnel, we can see that all the activities associated with engineering as marketing are placed between the top of the funnel and the middle area.

In this context the emphasis is laid on the measures that are designed to first of all draw the potential customer’s attention to solutions that your company offers encouraging them to learn more about you and your mission.

Immediate impact vs long-term effect

Engineering as Marketing requires time and, in comparison with sales, does not generate the immediate buying impulse.

The effect is expected to increase at the account if its influence on other channels, such as SEO as long as your tools really managed to catch attention.

Categorization in Channel Portfolio

When you are making up your Portfolio with channels and your array of activities, you can see that the measures associated with engineering as marketing as a rule performs a function of so called nets for your customers.

This channel produces its best result when complemented by spears aimed with precision and deeply planted seeds.

4 often underrated tips and hacks with engineering as marketing

Keep it short, simple and specific

A Lead Magnet as engineering as marketing tool must not comprise any complicated sales messages. It should be as simple, clear and specific to your particular target group as possible.

Use Social Proof

One of the most important and often overlooked tips is using of evidence from people, who are similar to your potential customers, but have started using your tool and they are super excited about it. People tend to trust to what other people have already tested and experienced and have something valuable to share. Just add a couple positive feedbacks and statements on the page, and you will see the boost in your conversion rates.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen-content is content that is always relevant - regardless when it was published. It means, that, no matter whether again another awesome product appears in US or Asia. When the tool you have created and granted access to is designed to be relevant longer than 2 weeks, it stays engaging and to the point, this is your confident step to a long-term effective content.

Remove too many

extra options

The more decisions a visitor on your website has to make, the less likely will they be converted to your actual customers. This is due to the fact that, decisions require decision making. If you want to enhance the lead generation using engineering as marketing tool, you should eliminate as many extra options from your website as possible. Don’t be misleading, be leading instead.

Engineering as marketing comes down to these key performance indicators (aka KPI)

Monthly number of views

This indicator measures the number of views on a chosen page of your website, for instance, the page with your engineering as marketing tools. So, your visitor first checks the home page, then moves to „about us“ page, and, finally, he sees your Lead Magnet Tool, so it is calculated as 3 page views, but it’s still one session.

Average Time on site

The time on site gives the idea of how much time a visitor spends on your website, for instance, on the page of your engineering marketing tools; in other words, it allows assessing how much an offer you placed on this page actually interests your potential client.

Bounce Rate

The Bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors of a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page.

Number of recurring users

The number of recurring users gives some understanding on how relevant your engineering as marketing offer seems to the website visitor and to what extent it can meet your users expectations.

Get going

Using tools, which already exist in your company, makes more sense and has high success chance if it is wellbuilt - in in the story, mission and vision of your company. Marketing as Engineering is placed in the top of the marketing funnel.
If your Lead Magnets are designed with incorporated quick win messages and not too many options for a customer to choose from, you can rest assured that you’re laying a foundation for an alluring and easy-to-use mechanism; in other words, you are throwing out the nets that helps you attract customers’ attention in the long run.

And now: Now poke in your hard drive and look around. It may already store something that can be valuable and interesting for your regular and potential clients that you can quickly use in your marketing purposes.

You want more Impulses on Engineering as Marketing?


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