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Existing Platforms - Existierende Plattformen

What is marketing via existing platforms and why do I need it?

I have recently come across a social media group of a new product that is really quite promising. And it occurred to me, how awesome it is to use such platforms to become visible to people and let everybody know that you have got a valuable product, service or a solution on offer.
I would like to know what marketing on the existing platforms consist of, how it works and why my business needs it.
By saying „existing platforms“, I, of course, mean websites of all formats and sizes that are currently used by Internet users and that can bring together vendors and consumers. All the most popular social media platforms that you have heard of and probably use actively belong here — Facebook, Twitter, selling platforms such as Amazon, AppStore or Google Play Store, as well as smaller platforms that are relevant in niche areas.
Why may it be exciting to represent yourself and your business on these platforms? The answer is super simple: it opens to you more knowledge about your target group, allowing you to select your consumers with a better precision, so that you can understand on which platforms you can find your customers and reach out to them. By placing your content and your unique offer right under your potential customers’ noses, you gain a tremendous leverage directly to your marketing.

Marketing on existing platforms: facts and figures

4 mistakes you should avoid with Social Media Marketing

You do not have a clear strategy

The same approach that you use in terms of your market, your product and your target audience, has to be applied on the social media and selling platforms. Without a clear and carefully planned strategy you run super fast but the same fast you are bound to face disappointment, because at a fast badly planned race you also miss out on a number of tremendous opportunities.

You behave as a spammer

Another ubiquitous mistake is to upload countless links to your website content on different platforms. Do not post spam-links. It never works.

You post inconsistently

It may happen so that when you post too much content, your target group and followers unfollow you, and it sucks. The other way around: when you neglect regular work on your content, people just do not know whether and what exactly happening in your product range, special offers or in your company policies. You should elaborate your own consistency pattern and follow it systematically.

Social Media is one thing, your website is another thing

Social media is considered to be important to the point where some marketing experts distinguish it and separate it as a special part of your strategy. And sooner than you think you may face the situation where the customer journey may be negatively affected and compromised since there is a split between what is in your social media content and what is in your website. What you look like and what you really are have to coincide.

Existing platforms in the marketing context

Marketing on existing platforms within the entire marketing funnel

The activities you associate with social media and selling platforms marketing are mostly positioned between the top of the funnel and the middle of it.

In the top of the funnel you, first of all, work on attracting your potential customers’ attention to your product and the solution it provides while making emphasis on the actions that would encourage them to learn more about your company.

Immediate effect vs. long-term effect

Marketing on the existing platforms has a similar effect on new clients as branding.

The proper effect is achieved exactly when your actions are imbedded in your entire strategy and are recognized as its part.

Categorization within Channel Portfolio

When you draw up your portfolio with all the channels and activities, it becomes clear that the function of marketing activities on existing platforms act like nets to „catch” potential customers.

This channel works its best in conjunction with short-term and long-term channels.

4 often overlooked tips and hacks in marketing on the existing social media platforms

Identify Influencers

One of the key success factors in marketing activities implemented on the social media platforms is enlisting the support of some influencers for your product/service/brand. There can be an overlap of interests and some influencer may appear a popular figure in a group of people who might become your potential customers, so what you can do is to mention this influencer in one of your exciting posts.

Plan your posts

Depending on a platform, there are good and not very good times for posting your materials and these have been figured out for you. Professionals from Coschedule have prepared their compilation for you. Check this out!

Develop a dialogue instead of monologue

There is hardly anything lamer than self-congratulatory promotion. Develop a number of actions in the platforms, instead, unlocking a dialogue through some user-friendly relaxing quizzes, for example. Show interest in your consumer, launch a dialogue.

Post regularly

Fans and followers appreciate regular updates. Especially when you wish to boost your growth, post your updates at least every 5-6 months. It also seems like a sensible idea to re-use some content pieces from time to time depending on its relevancy to the ongoing events in your target group and the world on the whole.

The Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are of most interest on existing platforms


The impact indicator in different platforms is measured through the analysis of Social Buzz and a line-up of relevant topics.


You can measure the activity of your target group on various platforms using their likes, retweets, shares, commentaries and so on.


Sentiment means the attitude or opinion one expressed within a given post towards a specific subject; sentiments are measured by the number of these mentions expressed by a target group.


The reach comprises the measurement and number of fans, followers, etc. as well as the amount of mentions in any other platform.

Get going

So, you have realized that organizing and implementing marketing actions and techniques in the networks is a truly exciting channel. What is particularly essential is to filter the most relevant platforms out of the manifold of the existing ones where you can unfold your enthusiastic actions.
Marketing through social nets, in trade platforms like Amazon, for instance, as well as on smaller forums is placed in the entrance area of the marketing funnel. When you want to secure both long-term and short-term effect on customers, it seems like a great idea to extend your portfolio around these actions exactly in these channels.
And now: As a first step, go and find out which platforms, even the smallest ones, your target audience are actively using.

You want more Impulses to Marketing on Existing Platforms / Social Media Marketing?


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