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Decipher the needs of tomorrow's customers

  • Why:
    So far you have been pushing your product development in a direction of which you are unsure whether a customer needs it at all. There is the other way to develop agilely and with customers. 
  • How:
    In the actual execution we focus on problem and solution interviews in combination with the right questions on relevant platforms and in groups.
  • Wins & Learnings:
    Your use cases and user stories really become product-relevant and you save time and money. 
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André Wehr vor transparentem Hintergrund

André Wehr

Co-Founder & CEO

Businesses get the clear customer's point of view

Through innovative and disruptive approaches, we have been able to define our customers in a completely new profile. This helps us to respond to the individual needs of the various stakeholder groups and to increase our success rate. We are looking forward to the next boost with tractionwise!  

Heini O. Seger
Chairman @ tomsfive AG

Heini Seger tomsfive AG
Heini Seger tomsfive AG
Heini Seger tomsfive AG