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Identify and optimize the key success factors of your customer relationships

  • Challenge:
    Companies lose their understanding of the customer due to external market processes or internal company developments. Long-term customer relationships are regarded as "given".
  • Approach:
    We decipher customer needs through customer development and provide impulses for marketing, sales and product development.
  • Wins:
    A crystal clear profile of your customers, your language, situation and needs. The logical foundation for your marketing and product development.
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André Wehr vor transparentem Hintergrund

André Wehr

Co-Founder & CEO

Businesses get the clear customer's point of view

Through innovative and disruptive approaches, we have been able to define our customers in a completely new profile. This helps us to respond to the individual needs of the various stakeholder groups and to increase our success rate. We are looking forward to the next boost with tractionwise!  

Heini O. Seger
Chairman @ tomsfive AG

Heini Seger tomsfive AG
Heini Seger tomsfive AG
Heini Seger tomsfive AG