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The Magazine

The Customer Insight Magazine reports on trends, developments and current topics in the areas of Customer Intelligence, Customer Experience, Customer Development and Customer Relationship Management. It also covers related topics such as digital marketing, SEO, SEA and data analysis and evaluation.

The magazine is available free of charge at our Resources area > Magazine. Experts from tractionwise and from our partner network regularly publish articles giving practical insights and informing decision-makers and contact persons in companies, as well as independent specialists in their field and people interested in the subject and encourage them to think for themselves.

With its articles, the magazine provides a deeper insight into the world of understanding customers and at the same time offers a central point of contact where readers can obtain detailed and reliable information on various topics and find articles from real customer understanders.

A successful cooperation

As our expert, you write at least once a year, but also several times a year, an article whose topic you choose freely and propose to us in advance by e-mail to . Your suggestion mail contains

  • your topic idea,
  • your title and
  • describes your project in max. 5 key points.


The topic proposal will be received, analysed and approved by our editorial staff. Our promise: You will receive your feedback within 3 working days.

When the editors release the idea to you, you can start writing. After the completion of the article, you send the article back to your contact person so that the article can be reviewed. You don’t have to worry about the editing, tractionwise does that for you.

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Guest author target group:
Interesting personalities with expert status,
customer centricity affinity and the urge to decode customers.

Structure of an article

For our authors, the articles are written in German and with an easy-to-read, factual and informative style. If you choose to address the reader directly, please follow this throughout the article. At the same time, use the upper case of “you”, “your”, “yours”, etc. Avoid rhetorical questions, colloquial language (dialect) and personal assumptions in your article and rely on existing numbers, data and facts in your article. Make sure that the sources are up to date. Source references are inserted into the text as direct links to the respective source page. If you are quoting from literature and the content is not available online, please list the sources briefly at the end of the article. The author, publication date and title are sufficient.

Under your expressive article title there is always a short teaser to the article, which should encourage the reader to read on. The teaser is used for social media and for previews on other pages of the website. The teaser has a maximum of 350 characters (approx. 50-55 words). The entire article should have at least 1,200 words.

A subheading to the respective section encouraging further reading follows in regular intervals. Pictures, graphics, videos or screenshots can readily be integrated into the continuous text with pleasure. However, iStockfotos or similar license pictures are not included.

Check out articles that have already been published. You’ll find a small author box to the right of the body text. The author box consists of a small picture of you, your name, your personal statement as an expert and the links to your social media channels. In addition there is a comment function, which is intended for the exchange between authors and readers and for direct feedback.

Customer Insights Magazine focuses on the reader and the content. The article is not written for the search engine. Nevertheless, certain rules of search engine optimization should be observed.

Structure of the article

  • logical subheadings
  • short and precise paragraphs
  • the golden thread in the article

Internal Linking

  • Each magazine article should have at least 5 inbound and 5 outbound links.
  • If the topic of an article has already been covered in an older article in the magazine, it may be possible to set a link from the older article to the new article – and vice versa. Note: Please make suggestions to the editorial staff as to which articles are suitable as link providers.
  • Important: Not only magazine articles are suitable as link providers – you can also link to the article from our wiki explanations. Let us know your suggestions here as well.
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Would you like to become a part of our success story with your experience? Perfect!

Get in touch directly with Kate, our Editorial Manager, with your topic idea.