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Customer Centricity means identifying with your customer in every situation. I must constantly want to understand how customers think, talk and act.

Manuel Schmidt
Manuel Schmidt

Co-Founder & CMO

What you can expect from tractionwise


In the tractionwise task force you shall find your satisfaction. We pay attention to meaningful tasks.

failure culture

you are not only allowed to fail, you are also allowed to learn from mistakes - always, we do the same.

growth mindset

you will turn a minus into a plus and a mistake into a real opportunity.

We are always looking for

Entrepreneurs in Residence

  • Customer Intelligence & Customer Development
  • Business Development & Marketing
  • Market Research & Competition Analysis
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We are also looking for

Working students & interns

  • Analyses and Research Tasks
  • Content Creation
  • Customer Intelligence & Customer Development

Tell us your story

Be spontaneous and proactive

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Your application process at a glance

#1 Phone interview

In a short and crisp phone call we get a first impression of you and you of us (15 minutes).

#2 Culture Mindset Lunch

Tell us your personal story, your why during a lunch with one of the founders of tractionwise.

#3 Satisfaction check

It is important to us that you can lead a self-determined and satisfied life. This also includes integrating your job.

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