Customer focus – 6 ways towards customer centricity in your company

We are currently in the midst of a transformation from product-centric companies, which have been able to exert a great deal of power over their customers, to customer-centric companies.

A new era is developing. The “Age of the customer”.

What's best for the customer is best for the business.

This change opens up new opportunities for businesses that embrace a new culture, a culture of customer focus.

In this article you will find some initial impulses for yourself, your team and above all your customers.

6 Opportunities for more customer focus

Decision-making from the inside to the outside

Surely you already have extensive information on your customers. Be it from existing customer relations, past sales or potential costumers in the pipeline…

Organize this information to meet emerging needs in real time.

For that, build a customer-information-system that provides you with exactly the information you need.

Obsession for your customers

The information on your customers has to be readily prepared for and be available to your team members.

Not only in sales, marketing and customer success, but also in product development.

Give detailed attention to statements made by your customers, as these can  serve as neutral feedback and even offer chances to increase profitability. Use this feedback to make better and well-founded decisions for your team.

Emotional Connection

Create an emotional connection between your company and the customers as early as possible.

This is about more than responding according to protocol or working through tasks.

It’s about a true connection.


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Create a WOW Moment

Design your customer interactions according to your company’s goals.

In every costumer contact, with every product, service, or process, you need a wow effect that amazes your customers.

Offer a solution

 Your customer’s life includes diverse impulses and experiences.

Overtime those lead to different demands. If you are then in the right situation visible with your solution, you made the first step towards: Customer First.



The customer experience, that customers have with your company usually follows the experiences that your team itself had before.

Therefore give your team the recognition it deserves to later have your customers experience the same great recognition. That needs to be celebrated.

Is your company ready for customer focus?

Customer Centricity is about much more than purely marketing. It is a new culture for your company which will cover nearly all of your business’s departments.

How well is your company prepared for Customer Centricity?



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