How to find new B2B customers with Google for Jobs

To successfully acquire new customers, one cannot shy away from unconventional methods. To generate leads, you should always know where and by whom your products, services or skills are needed.

Job advertisements are a good indicator of this. While in the past it was a lot of work to search through job advertisements, Google has now made things easy for you with its “Google for Jobs” function.
In the following, we explain what Google for Jobs actually is, what it can do, and how you can use it to find potential customers in the B2B sector.

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Google - now for Jobs too

What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is a special search function within Google’s search engine that can be used to list job advertisements – without having to search on different websites. Thereby, not only the job title and employer are shown, but also further details and the corresponding advertisement text. Google also links to the page to which you can apply.

Target group

Even though our focus here will be on using this feature for a different purpose, Google for Jobs is of course primarily aimed at users who are looking for a new job or want to find out about career opportunities in general.

Where does Google get the ads from?

The ads come from job portals such as Monster, Stepstone or, from the social networks Xing and LinkedIn, and from the career pages of the employers themselves. The jobs are crawled ( just like regular search results) by Google in the freely available Internet – and not actively submitted. This means that your advertisement may also appear there automatically. In order for your job ad to be listed in Google for Jobs, it must be approved for indexing and also meet some other requirements. You can find more on that information here.

What features does Google for Jobs have?

Google’s job search offers some interesting features that make life easier for job seekers, as well as you, when looking for a lead.

  • Bundling – If a job has been posted on several pages, Google recognizes this and bundles these postings into a single ad. In this case, the user can choose on which of the linked pages they wish to apply.

  • Employer ratings – In addition to the advertisement itself, Google also shows ratings of the respective employers. These are sourced from services such as Glassdoor or Kununu

  • Filters – Some powerful filters help you find exactly what you’re looking for. These include:
      • Location and Region
      • Date of publication – in different levels you can filter according to how long the job offer has been online
      • Language
      • Type of employment
      • Employer
  • Alerts – If required, Google will send you a notification by mail when there are new offers that match one of your search queries. To activate this, a button can be clicked on any job search. You can find more information about this below.

Why you can use this feature even if you already have a great job

Google for Jobs isn’t just for finding a new job – the search feature can help you in your current job too. As described in more detail below, job search is a great place to find companies with challenges you can help overcome. These companies could be your next clients.

In addition, regular research on Google’s Job Search is also great for learning new things about your industry, especially your target audience. You can see what your customers actually imagine under certain job descriptions and what tasks they assign to them. With the help of the job postings, you can also critically question your own terminology – an important step towards self-reflection which helps you to become better.

Google for Jobs as an Insights Tool is only the beginning!

Customer Insights Suite Light dark version

Practical Guide: How to find job ads and new customers with Google for Jobs

Start Google for Jobs

To start the job search, just do a regular Google search for “jobs” in your Area. You can also search for a specific position title. In most cases, you will already find a window with job offers on the search results page. If this window does not appear, complete your search with keywords such as “job” or “position”. To search for jobs in a specific city or in its vicinity, simply append the name of the city as a keyword to the search. If you do not specify a city, Google will show you results from your current location.

In the job window in the search results, you will usually find a link at the bottom with the text “XX more jobs”. If you click on this, you will get to the extended view. There you have a better overview and access to all features of Google for Jobs.

Google for Jobs Standard view
To get started, simply run the relevant Google search.
More Jobs Google for Jobs
Click the blue link to access the advanced view with all features.

Tabs and tools

In the advanced view you will find three tabs – “Jobs”, “Saved” and “Alerts”. In these, you’ll find the job search itself, your saved ads, and notifications of matching jobs that match previous searches.

The screenshot above shows the advanced view of Google for Jobs. At the top you will find the search bar and the tabs. In the current screenshot you can see the “Jobs” tab – this is where most of the search work takes place.
On the left side is the list of matching job ads. It has a button at the bottom of the blue bar that can be used to activate an alert for this search. This will inform you by mail about new job offers that match the current search.
In the light bar at the top you will find the various filter settings with which you can refine your search.

The calls for applications

In the middle you will find the job advertisements themselves. These usually contain the text with the usual details such as tasks, requirements and benefits. You can not only read them here, but also save and share them. The pages where you can apply are accessible via blue buttons. Below the text you can also see reviews of the employer – if available.

Google for Jobs Ads
The blue buttons lead to the application pages
Google for Jobs Reviews
At the bottom of the advertisements you can find evaluations of the respective employer.

Find customers

To find new customers with this tool, first ask yourself two questions:

    • What challenges do I want to solve?
    • In filling which positions are companies trying to address these very challenges?


The answers to these questions of course depend on your individual company profile.
Once you have found them, you can search for the corresponding jobs. Don’t forget to use the filters, which you can use to narrow down the search regionally if necessary. View the corresponding job postings.

Even if job titles are similar, each company has its own pain points and challenges. In the job posting texts, especially in the “Tasks” category, you will find references to these problems that need to be solved.

Important: Remember that similar jobs are often advertised under different titles. Even if the requirements and problems are similar, one company may assign them to a different job than another. Take time to experiment with different job titles and their results in search.

If your solutions match the problems of the corresponding organization, you can contact the company. Try to find the right contact person for your request. LinkedIn is particularly suitable for this. You can visit the company’s profile and look for the right person. Even if the starting point of your journey to here was a job search, you should not look for HR representatives, but for “Head of Marketing,” for example, depending on your request. If you can’t find an appropriate position, look for people who are directly above Human Resources.

Once you have found a suitable contact person, use social selling strategies to understand your counterpart and their problems. Make yourself and your offer known. Not every pitch will lead to a conversion – that’s normal. Don’t let this discourage you, instead see every interesting conversation as an opportunity to make contacts and expand your own network.


Google for Jobs is a handy tool that will help you easily search job postings. This type of research allows you to identify the current challenges in a company. If your product can solve these problems, the company in question is a potential new customer. Researching on Google for Jobs will furthermore help you to reflect on your own terminology.


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