Engineering as marketing: the somewhat different Content marketing

Content and contents are everywhere today. But what about deeper engineering as marketing?

In this article you will read how you use Engineering as Marketing in your right target group as a power channel, and which mistakes should be avoided. 

What is Engineering as Marketing and why do I need it?

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This is what Engineering as Marketing is all about

Engineering as Marketing is about using your engineering time (or that of your team) to build useful tools such as calculators, checkers or checklists, widgets and even micro-sites that place your company in the needs of potential customers.

Providing these tools creates trust as well as credibility with potential customers. You or he can take the first step towards your company without having to dig deep into your wallet.

Engineering as Marketing facts and figures

engineering marketing facts conversion rate

According to Venture Harbour, a company that provides its potential customers with something personalized and value-adding, such as lead magnet tools, can achieve a 30 to 40 percent conversion rate.

Colleagues from Business to Community have found that around 90 percent of marketers confirm that interactive content, such as that from Engineering as Marketing measures, sets them apart from their competitors.

content marketing facts interactive content

4 Mistakes you should avoid with Engineering as Marketing

You’re putting in a weak call to action

Please do not ask too much from potential customers. But still you should ask the user of your tool for something. Call to Action is essential, because if you think your leads and visitors know what to do next, you’re wrong. So the instructions should be clear and unambiguous.

Your contact forms are too long

The biggest mistake of many companies is to ask prospective customers and users of tools to fill out a long registration form and get too much information (name, position, email, phone or mobile number, company name and other details, etc.).
Forms that require too much information end up losing potential customers.

You make it too complicated

Many companies that use a tool or a freebie as a lead magnet make it difficult for their prospects due to bad layout, confusing instructions or too many alternatives. Therefore, always offer the tool on a page with as few other distractions as possible.

The Quick Win is missing

Engineering marketing tools, for example, often promise “87 steps to lose 5 kilograms”. This sounds like a lot of work to the customer and does not promise quick success. A formulation, if it can also be given as a product promise, could therefore be better read “In 5 minutes to a lasting feeling of satiety”.

Engineering as Marketing is just the beginning

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Engineering as Marketing in the whole context of marketing

blogger influencer marketing funnel

Engineering as Marketing in the entire Marketing Funnel

In Marketing Funnel as a whole, the activities you carry out with Engineering as Marketing are located between Top of the Funnel and the middle range.

The focus here is on measures that (potential) customers first become aware of you and your solutions and want to learn more about you.

Immediate impact on sustainability

Engineering as marketing takes time and, compared to sales, for example, does not have a strong immediate impulse that encourages purchase.

The reverberation is strongly increasing over time due to the influence on other channels such as SEO as soon as your tools gain attention.

engineering marketing impact sustainability
Engineering as Marketing Portfolio

Classification in the channel portfolio

When you compile your portfolio of channels and actions, the actions of Engineering as Marketing will typically have the function of acting as networks for potential customers.

This channel therefore works best in combination with the extremely targeted spears and the seeds to be planted.

4 often underrated tips and hacks with Engineering as marketing

Keep it short, simple and specific

A Lead Magnet as engineering as marketing tool must not comprise any complicated sales messages. It should be as simple, clear and specific to your particular target group as possible.

Use Social Proof

One of the most important and often overlooked tips is using of evidence from people, who are similar to your potential customers, but have started using your tool and they are super excited about it. People tend to trust to what other people have already tested and experienced and have something valuable to share. Just add a couple positive feedbacks and statements on the page, and you will see the boost in your conversion rates.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen-content is content that is always relevant – regardless when it was published. It means, that, no matter whether again another awesome product appears in US or Asia. When the tool you have created and granted access to is designed to be relevant longer than 2 weeks, it stays engaging and to the point, this is your confident step to a long-term effective content.

Remove too manyextra options

The more decisions a visitor on your website has to make, the less likely will they be converted to your actual customers. This is due to the fact that, decisions require decision making. If you want to enhance the lead generation using engineering as marketing tool, you should eliminate as many extra options from your website as possible. Don’t be misleading, be leading instead.

Engineering as Marketing depends on these key figures

Monthly page views

This key figure measures the number of hits on a single page of your website, for example your Engineering as Marketing tool. If your visitor first looks at the home page, then the about page and finally the lead magnet tool, this will be counted as 3 page views, but only as 1 session.

Average length of stay

The length of stay provides information on how long a visitor remains on the page of your engineering marketing tool, for example, during the visit, i.e. how intensively the offer of the website interests the user.

Bounce rate

The bounce rate is a percentage of how many of your website visitors leave a page without interaction.

Number of returning users

The returning users provide information on how relevant the visitors find your engineering as a marketing offer or to what extent they consider the expectations to be true.

Get going

The use of tools that may already be available in your business is promising if it fits into your overall story with mission and vision. In Marketing Funnel, Marketing as Engineering is in the Top of the Funnel area, i.e. at the very beginning.

If you then design the lead magnets in such a way that they offer a quick win and do not offer the user too many possibilities, then you lay the foundation stone for throwing out a net with which you can draw the attention of potential customers to yourself in the long term.

And now: Take a look around on your hard drive to see if there is not already such a valuable treasure slumbering there for your customers that you can test out for marketing purposes quite quickly.


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