How to: Uncover underserved needs for your product development with G2

If you want to compete on the market with a new or existing product, you have to hit your (potential) customer's nerve. To achieve this, you have to approach the needs and problems faced by your target audience in their everyday life and work.

A good way to gain insights from this field is provided by G2 (formerly known an G2 Crowd). Our guide will tell you, how you can use this practical platform to detect the needs of your target group and learn from the mistakes of your competition.

G2 Crowd - Our guide at a glance

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What is G2?

The website G2 (formerly known as “G2 Crowd”) provides a platform that lets you read and write reviews for a range of different B2B software solutions. It comes with different categories like “Video Conferencing”, “Accounting” or “CRM”, so that you can quickly find the products that are relevant for your case.

The special feature of G2: Reviewers have to cover particular points in their reviews. That includes negative aspects and the question, what problems they want to solve with the corresponding solution.

How you can use and harness potentials and undersupplied needs with G2 Crowd

How does G2 helps you with getting new customers and improve your product?

It’s quite easy: Since every review has to include some critical points, you can easily overwiew the challenges that your potential customers face while using the products and services of your competitors. If some issues occur more often, you can start there and make it better.

Our step-by-step guide will show you how to do it!

The start

Getting started with G2 is simple. On their website G2 you can start easily without any registration and begin looking for interesting solutions.

In our example we suppose that we want to launch an new software for customer relationship management (CRM). For this we want to take a look on existing solutions, their customers’ satisfaction with it and – what’s most relevant – their problems.

Finding the right products

To find solutions that might be interesting for you, G2 offers a variety of options on their start page.

If you know already, what product you are looking for, you can use the search bar. G2 is also great for browsing for software in categories.
"Most Popular Categories" offers you an overview of important categories and products.
Also the footer is a great starting point as well as...
... the header.


On the category pages – in our case CRM Software – you can find a number of products. These can be filtered and sorted by different aspects. For example there is a ranking by the highest rating and one by the aspect “Easy to Use”.

On the left-hand side of the category page in the tab "Overview" there are several filters that can assist with searching for the right target group.

The Tab “Highest Rated” lists the products and services with the highest ratings. You can also see, in which categories the product scores best and by which branches it is used mostly.

The tab “Easiest To Use” shows solutions listed by their ease of use.  This list also shows, whether the services are used by small, medium-sized or big companies.

The tabs “Free” and “Resources” are interesting as well. The first one concentrates on free options – that are especially interesting for small companies at their beginning.

The “Resources” Tab shows you (if available) reports, articles and answered questions.

Product page

The product page offers you an overview for the product. This includes a description text – often provided by the companies themselves – as well as contact information. This page also shows information about pricing, supported languages and rating scales by the categories you know from the tabs. Below the overview you can find the most important section: The reviews. They can be written as a text or come across as videos. In both cases they include and answer always the following questions:
  • What do you like best?
  • What do you dislike?
  • Recommendations to others considering the product
  • What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

These answers provide you good insights in the actual work of your target group with the corresponding products. You can see, what they are thinking about the solutions they work with –  why they like them or why not. These are insights that can be used for the development and improvement of your products and services.
G2 Crowd Produktseite
The reviews show, what your audience thinks about competing products – in an honest and structured way.

A variety of useful filters help you to find the right reviews. These are, among other options, filters for the size and branch of the companies for which the reviewers work, as well as filters for their position. You can also filter by regions and keywords. G2 can even show you reviews made by your LinkedIn contacts.

How to become better than your competition with G2

To see what concerns users from your branch, take a look on reviews with only a few stars. Here you can expect some criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Then look for patterns: Are there more users who complain about the same problems? Did they experience the same issues with other products? If there are such points, you should write them down. These are aspects on which you can work to do them better than your competition – your audience will be thankful.

Underserved Needs are just the beginning

Customer Insights Suite Light dark version

Useful tools for your market overview

Besides the review pages, G2 offers a variety of additional tools, that can help you getting a general or specific market overview.

Compare option

Do you want to compare different solutions with each other? Go to the category page (e. g. CRM) and set a checkmark in the “compare” column for ervery product or service you are interested in. These will get on your comparison list. The checkboxes to choose products for a comparison can be found in different tabs like “Overview”, “Highest Rated”, “Easiest to Use” or “Free”. You can choose up to four products for your comparison.

G2 Crowd Compare Funktion
Set a checkmark in the column "Compare" to choose products for your comparison list.
G2 Crowd Compare Funktion
In the appearing window you can look for further products and add them to your selection. You can also delete unwanted ones. Keep in mind that you can only compare up to four.
G2 Compare Funktion
After clicking on "Compare Now" you get a general comparison...
G2 Crowd Compare Funktion
...but also more in-depth information, e. g. about features.


On the category pages you can also find an overview in form of a grid. Here are different solutions positioned in a coordinate system, that consists of the dimensions Satisfaction and Market Presence. The first look might be a bit overwhelming, but filters help you gaining clarity.

Service section

Besides the reviews for solutions that come mostly as Software as a Service (SaaS), G2  also has a section for different “classical” services. This part isn’t (yet) as extensive as the software section, but can be worth a glance, if you are looking for customer voices about companies that offer services. Websites like Trustpilot can also support you to accomplish this.


Thanks to its many filter options, G2 lets you set your “perspective” individually. This applies not just for branch and position, but also for the company size.

In order to get a market overview with reviews, filters, comparisons and grids, you do not need to register. If you want to share your own experiences or comment somebody’s review, you need to sign up to G2.

The companies’ self-presentations on their pages – often supported by screenshots – can teach you something about communicating value proposition and storylines to potential customers.


G2 offers you high-quality reviews for products and services of your branch. Since every review must answer specific questions – even ones for negative critic – you can uncover potential weak spots in the products of your competitors. Listen to your audience’s voice on G2 and learn from the mistakes your competitors made. Extensive filter options and a mighty comparison tool help you with getting a market overview.


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