Go to Market Playbook: plays for your next launches

You are interested in what focused steps it takes for a successful a go to market? Here is our go-to-market playbook.

We partner with organizations of all sizes, to understand their customers and to realize great Go to Markets. 

This is our playbook.

Go-to-Market Playbook

We are tractionwise. We have been working with more than 100 companies all over the world, from self-funded individual founders to large multinational organizations. We have also created and launched our own products.

This is our playbook. It details how we execute successful go to markets and product launches. It is filled with things we’ve learned based on our own experience and study of others’ experiences.

It is a living document that everyone at tractionwise can edit and enrich it with new learnings. We’ve made the playbook free and licensed it as Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial, so you may learn from, or use, our tactics in your own company. 

While our „plays“ have worked for us and our customers so far, we trust your judgment over ours to decide which tools and techniques might work for you as well.

Customer Development

All our projects serve the purpose of making valuable products visible to the right customers. Do not fall into the extremum of “build it and they will come” or into the other extreme of “the customer is king and I make everything proper for him“.

Building the right content hub

Contents in the apting customer context are the key to a successful go to market. They are the nets you should through out as soon as possible for potential customers to get in.

  • Keywords
  • Messages
  • Storyline
  • Small to big (contents, product stair)
  • Pretotype (MVP, Mechanical turk)
  • Informative value within your team via the sales battle card
  • Content as door opener already during the creation phase

Creating a powerful channel portfolio

In times when new platforms and marketing channels are created daily, you may easily be influenced and may get bogged down in a variety of options. Especially in go to market, less is often more.

  • Brainstorming of concrete possible options within all channels
  • Prioritize 5 to 7 of the most promising channels
  • Cheap testing of channels
  • Spears, Nets and Seeds
  • Develop a funnel understanding

Unit Economics, measure and optimize

In the start-up phase of the portfolio, we rely on the key figures customer acquisition cost, customer lifetime value, and understanding the conversion steps of a customer at an early stage. Only what is measured quantitatively can be optimized.

  • A/B testing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • Customer acquisition costs (CAC)
  • Customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Customer churn
  • Customer retention

Go to Market gets hand in hand with Customer Insight

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Get going

This playbook attracts you and you want to find out how we could challeng your next go to market or product launch together?

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