Keynote, presentation and speaking gig: your experts positioning for customers

Today we experience them almost daily in the B2B and B2C world: presentations, speeches and keynotes.

In this article you will read how use speeches, lectures and keynote speeches for your right target group as a power channel, what mistakes you should avoid. 

What are presentations for marketing purposes and why do I need them?

I often saw people delivering their speeches and presentations and get acclaim almost right after the delivery. They have business cards slipped to them; they apparently receive quite a few new contracts and win new clients. A little later I asked myself: Can speeches be adjusted to the marketing purposes? And: Can everyone benefit?

But I also consider speeches from another side, from the side of a self-presentation. It can also, unfortunately, deal with self-praise and self-advertising, and the audience can notice it as well. When listening to a speech or a presentation, I have a desire to learn more about the speaker, what he has to say, and to gain the value; I am not interested to listen to somebody’s adulation. In such moments I think to myself: if I am ever to prepare and deliver a presentation, then it’s going to have a substance and an essence.
Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Yes, you can be a confident and successful speaker yourself. And if you still hesitate you should definitely start practicing as soon as possible at any suitable occasion. It all begins with you once being perceived as an expert and a Thought Leader, and through your speech or a presentation you can attract attention, you can convert people, you can generate leads. People who come to listen to your talk will start recognizing your name or the name of your company and spread the best recommendation of your service further.

Investing time and effort into the content of your presentation or talk you create a new piece of content for your brand and product, opening the doors to new strategically important partners who will turn their attention to you being drawn by your realistic publicity, not fake.

That is what keynotes, speeches and presentations for marketing purposes are all about

We are talking here with utmost precision about how we can use presentations and speeches for marketing purposes. But that does not mean at all that your presentation is supposed to feature an infomercial. Quite the contrary. With knowledge and insights, which you would convey in a descriptive and entertaining manner, you prove yourself to be an expert in the field, where you are on your way only.

By the way, among the people in your audience there is a fantastic cross-section of your target group. If you address someone here, then the probability grows for you to come across your potential customers, just like if you were in a pedestrian zone another Saturday evening.
Therefore, it is of a crucial importance to dedicate time and effort to prepare your speech and to get acquainted with the people who are going to attend. In case when you organize an event or a meetup, you can look through the guest list and research to find out what drives the people in the audience. If you plan to deliver your speech or presentation at some external event, you can talk to a host or the main entertainer to find out more information about who the guests are. Here it would be nice to figure out the pains and gains that you might retrieve from the people who are going to listen to your speech.

Actually the presentation itself has to bear a storyline and, best of all, be completed with some clear connecting factor, or a point of connection to you and your company. This is the possibility to assess the power of the presentation/speech as a marketing tool.

Keynotes, presentations and speaking gigs: facts and figures

speaking engagement facts use of lectures

The majority of companies in B2B hold speeches for marketing purposes.

Roughly 9 out of 10 people in the audience classify the speaker as an expert.

speaking engagements facts experts
speaking engagements facts expert recommendation

About 3/4 made their purchase decision based on the expert opinion they heard.

4 mistakes you want to avoid when preparing and delivering your presentation for marketing purposes

Half-hearted preparation

Do not underestimate the negativity of the poor content preparation effect, especially when you delegate to someone else to make your presentation material. A surprise effect can prove to be fatal — when you do not know what’s on the next slide, or when the projector goes up in smoke couple minutes before you have to start your talk.

Missing a call to action or failing touch points

When using your speech or presentation specifically for marketing purposes, it requires also the converting reference points or short: Call to Action. Otherwise the trigger for contacting you and your company are either not put in action or are put in a wrong time.

Red thread is difficult to trace

To encircle and captivate your audience, your speech has to tell a real comprehensive story. People often forget that you can be creative in this matter: to go in a chronological order, or reverse chronological order. Without the common theme to follow speaker can be erratically jumping from one point to another failing on consistency and focus, making it extremely difficult for the audience to follow the track of the speakers thoughts.

Excessive and misplaced self-advertisement

All of us have had enough of such self-promoting presentations. The speaker who uses up to 50% of the time for adulating themselves and their company, telling what their company does and how it became so awesome. From the position of a listener, it is easy to predict that such a presentation manner inevitably pushes the listeners farther from you and your chance to build trustworthy relationships.

Keynotes and Presentations are just the beginning

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Categorization of keynotes and presentations in terms of marketing

speaking engagement funnel

Speaking gigs within the Marketing Funnel

If we take a look at the general picture of marketing and sales, we will see that all the activities that are associated with presentation engagements are to be placed between the top of the funnel and the middle area.

The main emphasis here is to be placed on the measures that are designed to draw people’s attention so that you are perceived as an expert in the field, and your company is seen as a highly competent contractor. Audience is likely to entrust their needs to real professionals, and recommend you further if you really practice what you preach.

Immediate effect vs long-term effect

Using presentations and speeches as a marketing tool does not generate he immediate buying stimulus, if compared with direct sales, for instance.

Taking into account PR possibilities and secondary use of the presentation further as content material can definitely produce more long-term effect than sales.
speaking engagement impact sustainability
speaking engagement portfolio

Categorization in Channel Portfolio

When drawing up your portfolio with channels and actions, you will notice that speech-engagements typically have a function of nets. Who wind up in your nets? Apparently those ones out of the whole total of the audience who actually are interested to know more about your topic.

This channel is perfectly compatible with other short- and long-term channels.

4 often underrated tips and hacks for preparation and delivery of speaking engagements


In the very beginning there is a question to be answered: Who will your listeners be and what message do you actually want to convey? Figuring out the answers to these questions you can determine your core message while delivering a clear, snappy and comprehensible structure that your target group will easily follow. When deciding on a presentation skeleton, you might love to use the 10-20-30 Rule for PowerPoint by Guy Kawasaki. Actually, whatever pitch you were planning, you can always draw something interesting from it: keep it simple with10 Slides, 20 minutes, font-size 30.

From small to big

Yes, it’s quite clear, you see Keynote-Speakers and you start thinking how you could do it yourself. However, Keynote Speakers also began small. Exercise authority. Try yourself at Meetups and smaller side-events by conferences. Perhaps you can find Barcamp or Redeclubs out there, like Toastmasters, — the events which can help you to get used to being in the lime light.

Call to Action with conversion element

What can seem more logic than to hand in some nice goodies to your audience as a part of your talk? It can be the set of your presentation slides or a high quality checklist that you have mentioned in your presentation. Make up a special signup-blank for your email or take a few business cards right on site from a few interested parsons among your listeners. These little things will allow you to assess the possible conversion already at the early stage.

Follow up

Send your slides or publish them in specially designed platforms, such as Slideshare, for instance. Collect honest and constructive feedbacks from all friends and acquaintances that were present at your presentation. That is really valuable because you can quickly and effectively incorporate changes in your slides based on those feedbacks as well as make improvements to the way you deliver your talk, so that your next time you will be even more confident and effective while standing in front of the audience.

Speaking Engagments come down to this indicator

Conversion Rate from a listener to a (potential) customer

Conversion of an approximate number of people in the audience in the number of those who leave their business cards for your further enquiry or those who registered with you.

Get going

Now you can see that speech and presentation-engagements open marvelous opportunity for you to make your company closer to your target group. The main point here is to stay natural, act authentic, and, as time goes by, gradually building a true expert status.

Delivering a talk or a presentation is placed in the top of the marketing funnel, because such presentations often become one of the first true touch points between your company and yet not reached customers. If in this stage you manage to build trust, it is going to be a promising beginning to a fast and fully-fledged conversion to actual customers.

And now: Look for exciting opportunities to practice delivering a short marketing report or a presentation.


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