How to: Learn more about potential client companies with Northdata

Using Northdata, you'll be better informed during customer meetings and learn more about potential leads. In this article, we'll tell you how to best use the tool.

First of all; What even is Northdata? On the Northdata website you will find information about almost all companies of interest to you. For example, you can get to know everything about the history of a company, the people behind it or the relationships with other companies. In addition, you will get a picture of the financial situation of the company. There is also data on sales and profits over the last few years.

Read on to find out how you can use all this to optimize your customer relationships.

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Where does Northdata get the data from?

There is currently data on companies from Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, the UK, Poland and Austria. However, this list is still being expanded. The data was either published by the companies themselves or could be found in state registers. The main source for the German companies is the Handelsregister. More about the sources by Northdata itself can be found here.

Disclaimer: Reviews of Northdata often complain that the data is incomplete. There also seem to be problems when companies want to have their data corrected at Northdata. In our own daily work at tractionwise, we have had only positive experiences with Northdata so far.

What data is available?

If you type in the name of the respective company in “Quick search“, you will get information on the profits and sales of the last few years. You may find out in which direction trends are going, or how much undiscovered potential is still in the company.

In addition, the fields “Earnings” and “Employees” will allow you to estimate the size of the company. These insights can become important for your sales team and their pricing strategy. You will notice here that some of the fields are often not displayed in the free version of Northdata. For the complete data on all companies you need the paid version.

Companies or enterprises

northdata quick search
The "quick search" for companies.
Corporate Purpose
"Corporate Purpose" on Northdata

If you now scroll down a little further, you will reach the fields “History” and “Legal representatives”. Here you can find out everything about the people behind the company and possible name changes or predecessor companies.

This information should be used, for example, in the preparations for your customer development interviews with the respective companies. You know exactly which people you should contact in which situations and what their history and role in the company is.


History Northdata
Northdata provides you with insights into the people behind the companies

Further down, at Publications, find then the original sources, to which Northdata refers at the described company.

Publications Northdata
At "Publications" you will find links to the original sources

If you don’t have a specific company in mind that you could sell to, perhaps the “Power Search” will help you. Here you can filter by location and industry to find potential customer companies in the area. However, this feature is also reserved for premium customers only.

Power Search
Power search in payed plan

Another section that you should not disregard is “Network”. This is where you will find all the connections of the respective company to other companies. In addition, you will see where else the founders or employees have had their fingers in the pie. You can use this information, if you are already working successfully with a company in the network. This gives you the chance to approach the other companies in the network with an advantage in terms of trust.

Network Northdata
People and companies linked to the company at "Network"

Data about people and their positions in the company can be useful in many ways. For instance, if a company that you don’t know visits your website, you can use Northdata to immediately find out everything about the potential customer and find out who your contact person might be. How to identify which companies visit your pages is summarized in this article.

Northdata is only the beginning

Customer Insights Suite Light dark version

Person Search

At Northdata you can actually search not only for companies, but also for people. You can do this by entering the name of the person in the “Simple search”. In addition, you can simply click on the respective name in the fields “Network” or “Legal representatives”. 

Frank Thelen Northdata
Person Search on Northdata

Northdata then shows you which other people and companies the person is connected to and how. Below you will see a history of all the events the person has been involved in.

Your sales team should have this information before any offer is made, or your HR department should have it when recruiting. If your customer notices that you are well informed about his company and his career, you will make a more professional impression.


Northdata allows you to learn more about your potential client companies. Use this tool, for example, to prepare for customer development interviews. Also search Northdata for the companies that have visited your website. That way, you’ll know who’s best to contact and how. When you are better informed about your leads, you optimize your existing B2B customer relationships and make it easier for you to acquire new customers at the same time.

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