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Customer Intelligence

Buyer Persona – how to use this tool so that the results don’t end up in the drawer

It happens every day in companies all over the world: a member of the marketing or
sales department gets the idea that the company’s channels should be used more efficiently in the future and that
and that messages should be more personalized and individualized. In general the desire to simply understand customers better.

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Practical Tips

How to conduct perfect customer development interviews

To create products and services that are focused on your customers, you need to talk to them and conduct customer development interviews. This is often easier said than done as there are a number of challenges and pitfalls lurking here.

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Customer Development

The Mom Test – Doing customer interviews the right way

If you came up with a new idea, you probably want to know, what other people think about it. Most likely you’re going to ask somebody you trust, because you expect honest feedback from them – but this can be a dangerous approach. The principles of the mom test can help you conducting better and more honest conversations with your customers.

Failure Error Culture
Customer Centricity

Innovation and error culture go hand in hand: How to learn innovatively from mistakes

A careless moment here, one bad decision there – and already a mistake can no longer be avoided. The first thought is often that this misstep must have consequences. But does it really have to? Is assigning blame the right thing to do? Wouldn’t it make more sense to look for the reasons for the failure and even find potential for development in them?