Search engine advertising – how to be visible in paid search

Search engines have become an indispensable part of everyday life. With many, and above all the suitable users for you, Search Engine Advertising can become relevant for your marketing.

In this article you will read how to use SEA as a power channel in your target group and which mistakes you should avoid.

What is Search Engine Advertising and why do I need it?

Whenever I search for answers, products or services in a search engine, I notice these paid advertisements. I want to know what this paid search is. Why do I need it and how does it work?

The first step is to better understand the pages of the search engine results, the so-called SERP or (Search Engine Results Page). If we want to find something using a search engine, we get a list of web pages including title, link and description as an answer to our question or keywords. This is our SERP.

In the course of time, search engine operators have understood how to display not only purely organic results but also advertised links that look almost identical to organic links. To rank in the organic results under much competition always better, if possible on the first side, becomes always harder.

Contents and organic measures of search engine optimization are usually quite time-consuming. The temporally faster solution (even if very expensive), especially if it concerns temporally limited offers, offers the possibilities of the SEA.

That's what SEA is about.

In short, Search Engine Advertising is the process of generating website traffic by buying ads on search engines.
Google represents as the currently most common search engine with AdWords the world’s most relevant SEA system. Marketers can thus specify in advance that an ad should only be displayed in the results for a search for the terms mentioned or thematically matching pages. This is to make a purposeful adjustment possible at the interests of the visitors and to reduce Streuverluste.

As a marketer, you secure the desired Adwords or combinations of them by “bidding” for them at a certain cost-per-click (CPC). The fees that are determined in this way only accrue to you when the user actually takes an action. This is typically the click on the ad with a visit to the linked website behind it. The costs per click per Adword vary constantly, between a few cents and a higher two-digit euro amount. As with a normal auction, the amount depends on the competition.

Figures, data and facts about Search Engine Marketing

sea facts buying interaction

According to Digitant, searchers who click on an advertisement are much more likely to make a purchase when visiting the website.

Almost half of all clicks go into the first three paid ads on search engine.

sea facts top three paid
sea facts identify ads

Almost every second person can’t tell if a search result is a paid ad.

4 Mistakes you should avoid with Paid Search

Bad keyword selection

The first step in a search marketing campaign is choosing which keywords you want to bid on. Of course, you can simply go to the Google Keyword Planner, have a few keywords suggested and then flip the switch to Start. Don’t do that, it costs a lot of money.
Instead, use the keywords that follow the structure of your website. Collect the keywords and add some ideas from the Keyword Planner. Step by step you sharpen the words and your bids thereupon.

You forget the Call to Action

That’s probably the worst mistake that could happen to you. The text on your page should provide exactly what the potential customer is looking for and then ask them what to do. If this is forgotten, you will have a lot of paid visitors on your site, but you will not turn it into customers.

You don’t understand the quality factor

Many people, including those who have been using SEA for some time, think that the position of your advertising in the SERPs is purely determined by how much you offer for it. In reality, your position on the search results page is very much dependent on how your quality factor is. A very good description for understanding can be found in the Ryte Wiki.

You don’t use the report for Search Terms

Negative keywords are a way to tell Google if a searcher uses one or more of these keywords, you don’t want to be listed in the results. This means that you can filter out those searchers who are searching in the area of your keyword, but are not ultimately looking for a purchase. Insights about such keywords can be obtained via the Search Terms Report.

Search Engine Advertising is just the beginning

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Customer Insights Suite Light dark version

Classification of SEA in the marketing context

affiliate marketing funnel

Search Engine Advertising in the entire Marketing Funnel

In Marketing Funnel as a whole, the activities you carry out with Paid Search are usually located between Top of the Funnel and the middle range.

The focus here is on measures that (potential) customers first become aware of you and your solutions and want to learn more about you.

Immediate impact on sustainability

Search Engine Marketing is a fast and flexible tool with a strong instant impulse that encourages purchase.

The reverberation on this channel, on the other hand, is very low because no new visitors arrive on the website when the ad is switched off.

SEA Impact vs. Nachhaltigkeit
SEA im Portfolio

Classification in the channel portfolio

If you compile your portfolio of channels and actions, then the actions of Search Advertising will typically have the function of acting as very targeted spears.

This channel therefore works best in combination with the ejected nets and the seeds to be planted.

4 Frequently underestimated tips and hacks in Paid Search

Timing is the key

Like other paid advertising campaigns, Paid Search advertisements must be released and distributed in conjunction with your other media. So it depends on the long-term as well as the short-term timing of the publication of your ads. So if you find out by testing that certain periods in a week or a day are better suited than others, then use these customer insights to become visible with your paid ads.

Replicate your campaigns on different search engines

For example, if you have successfully prepared a campaign on Google Adwords, it makes sense to have it available on other relevant search engines, such as Bing. Sometimes this works quite simply by downloading and importing your campaign data, sometimes it has to be uploaded manually.

Fill the possible and available fields with Ad Content

Since their release in mid-2016, Expanded Text Ads (ETA) have brought massive movement to the world of Adwords. With additional fields for relevant advertising content, you can now tell a more comprehensive story about your product or service.

Use any relevant ad extension

Many paid ads users often think of headlines, links and the description of pay per click. However, the additional ad extensions can bring an enormously important boost to your visibility and conversion performance.

These are the key figures for Search Engine Advertising

Click Through Rate (CTR)

The Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of searchers who click on the link after seeing your ad in the search engine.
Formula: Total number of clicks in the ad / total number of impressions * 100
Example: 200 clicks / 10,000 advertisements displayed * 100 = 2 % CTR

Percentage of possible impressions – Impression share

The Impression Share is the percentage of impressions you get with your ads compared to the total number of impressions you could get. In other words, the actual ad placements are divided by an estimated number of possible ad placements.
Formula: actual ad placements / possible ad placements = Impression Share

Return on Advertising spend (ROAS)

No matter how many impressions and clicks your ads make, you are mainly interested in how much they will cost and what you get out of them.
Formula: ROAS = (profit / advertising costs) * 100

Get going

Search Engine Advertising can become your tool to become visible to your target group in a target-oriented way and as quickly as possible. The Paid Search measures are mainly to be found in the Top of the Funnel and in the middle of the Marketing Funnel, from the attention at the beginning to the transition to an understanding landing page.

If you additionally generate a sharper customer image with the customer insights possibilities of the current SEA providers, then you lay the foundation for being able to address customers in a very targeted way.

And now: Find out which are the important search phrases for events, needs and possible solutions for your future customers.


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