Social display advertising: paid in front of your right target group

Social networks are springing up like mushrooms every day. The best way to test ads on social networks with a small budget.

In this article you will read how to use social and display advertising as a power channel for your target group and which mistakes you should avoid. 

What is social and display advertising and why do I need it?

Have you already noticed that you always see ads on social networks as well as banners on other websites on a topic you were looking for or interested in before?

Why do advertisements in social media and also display ads in the form of banners and similar sense and how does it all work?

The reasons for social media ads, such as Facebook ads, are easy to understand. By targeting you reach a very specific and precise target group that you set. You also enable conversation instead of one-way advertising and you can measure how successful individual actions and an entire campaign have been. 

Display Ads offer a wide range of banners, videos, enriched texts or even native advertisements through targeted targeting and retargeting for your target audience to become visible.

Figures, data and facts about social and display advertising

existings platforms facts

According to a survey by the PEW Research Center, about three quarters of Facebook users and about half of Instagram users use the platforms every day. This suggests the use of social ads.

According to a study by IPG Lab, almost every second consumer intends to buy a product because of the upgrading in a native ad.

social display ads facts native ads

4 Mistakes you should avoid with social and display advertising

Your ad is not tailored to a specific platform

Not every ad is the same. Every existing platform has different requirements, for example the dimensions of images or text lengths. Here it is necessary to create a specific template for each platform in order to get the most out of the paid ad.

You forget to monitor your ads

This can get really expensive if you just start an ad, be it because you forget it or just don’t know. On the other hand, if you have a regular look at the performance of your ads, you can make informed decisions, e.g. whether to stop, continue or adjust them.

(Too) broad targeting

Your advertisements should be very specific to a group and not too broad. Otherwise this will not lead to conversions.

Lack of recognition value on landing pages

Worst thing that could happen to you here: Your advertising uses completely different images and text material than your landing page, so there is a break for the viewer. This usually leads to a break and to leaving the page.

Social and Display ads are just the beginning

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Classification of social and display ads in the marketing context

publicity funnel

Social and display advertising throughout the marketing funnel

In the entire Marketing Funnel, the activities you do with social and display advertising are usually located between the top of the funnel and the middle range.

The focus here is on measures that (potential) customers first become aware of you and your solutions and want to learn more about you.

Immediate impact on sustainability

Social and Display Ads are a fast and flexible instrument with a strong instant impulse that encourages purchase.

The reverberation on this channel, on the other hand, is very low because no new visitors arrive on the website when the ad is switched off.

social display ads impact sustainability
Social Display Ads Portfolio

Classification in the channel portfolio

When you compile your portfolio of channels and actions, the actions of the ads via social networks and display will typically have the function of acting as targeted spears.

So this channel works best in combination with the nets ejected and the seeds to be planted.

4 frequently underestimated tips and hacks in social and display advertising

Use the possibilities of the Similar Audience

The more you can personalize a message to get a 1-to-1 feel, the better your chances are. The segmentation of your target group e.g. through Similar Audience allows this. Take a look inside and sharpen your Buyer Personas.

Let your ads include discounts

A well-designed ad may include special price offers to attract special attention. Especially when it comes to display ads, you should make sure that you work in the colors of the respective website.

Test and optimize the timing of the ads

This tip is also important in other channels. With the display and social ads it is important to recognize in which periods your target group is not active and for this reason then also your advertising in this period not to keep visible.

Make sure that your offer is valuable

The offer in the advertisement should always show a value for your target group. So make sure that your value offer is clear and without misunderstandings.

These are the key figures for social and display ads

Click Through Rate

The Click-Through Rate (CTR) is the percentage of searchers who click on the link after seeing your ad in the search engine.
Formula: Total number of clicks in the ad / total number of impressions * 100
Example: 200 clicks / 10,000 advertisements displayed * 100 = 2 % CTR

Percentage of possible impressions – Impression share

The Impression Share is the percentage of impressions you get with your ads compared to the total number of impressions you could get. In other words, the actual ad placements are divided by an estimated number of possible ad placements.
Formula: actual ad placements / possible ad placements = Impression Share

Return on Advertising spend

No matter how many impressions and clicks your ads make, you are mainly interested in how much they will cost and what you get out of them.
Formula: ROAS = (profit / advertising costs) * 100

Let's go

Social and Display Advertising can become your tool to become visible to your target group in a target-oriented way and as soon as possible. 

The measures can mainly be found in the Top of the Funnel area and in the middle of the Marketing Funnel, from the attention at the beginning to the transition to an understanding landing page. If you use the possibilities of Similar Audiences to generate a sharper customer image of your target group, then you are laying the foundation for being able to address customers in a very targeted way.

And now: Find your possible existing networks for social ads or pages on which you can become visible with display ads.

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