18. November 2018
Sales Traction


I often imagine a seller as a pushing and rather annoying agent literally forcing me to buy a vacuum cleaner his company produces. People, who go […]
18. November 2018
Search Engine Advertising Traction

Search Engine Advertising – SEA

Every time when I look for some answers, products or services info on the internet I notice the paid ads. I wonder, what are these Paid […]
18. November 2018

Pareto Principle applied to marketing – Why 80/20 should be in your head

20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results You should have probably heard about Pareto’s principle. Do you understand what it’s […]
17. November 2018
Business Development Traction

Business Development – BizDev

Contacts are of no use only to those who do not have them. This wisdom applies to Business Development channel really accurately. Business development is a […]