2. October 2018

Unique selling Proposition from the customer’s perspective – How to get to the USP

“Hi, I am your ideal customer. Please tell me one thing: Why should I choose your solution?“ Something like that could be the typical question whose […]
6. August 2018

How to Design a Value Proposition

The Value Proposition is simply about placing a hook that decides whether people will pay attention about your business or product or just walk by. The […]
31. July 2018

Digital Transformation – How to succeed with strategy

While digital transformation is driven primarily by rapidly changing technologies, its successful launch depends on a solid strategy. Companies that have successfully embarked on digital transformation […]
30. July 2018

Strategic Growth with the Ansoff Matrix

The Ansoff Product Market Growth Matrix is ​​a very useful tool for developing market launch strategies. The matrix for product and market context provides decision makers, […]