1. July 2019
Headerbild Sales Battlecard tractionwise

Sales Battle Card – the solution to a compelling storyline for your customers

You may have wondered why some companies have a proverbial red thread in customer communication and why this is not the case with other companies.The latter […]
14. June 2019
Investor Relations Header picture

Investor Relations – what is it and why it is key to customer relations

The importance of investors cannot be denied for any company, and the investor relations professional in any company focus majorly on building relationship with the investors, […]
27. May 2019
Header pictures customer retention - tractionwise

Customer retention strategies – why they are crucial for your business

Customer retention is what businesses thrive on, it is devising marketing in such a way that you are able to retain as many customers as possible, […]
11. May 2019
header pictures performance marketing - tractionwise

Performance Marketing – why this discipline is essential for your business

Marketers are terming “performance marketing” as the next big thing in digital marketing; digital marketing has really grown in recent years, due to the advances in […]