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Offline advertising: its mission and efficient application

I have recently seen a full page ad in some newspaper and I thought to myself: Does anybody read it at all? Does such offline ad actually work?
I’d like to understand what this Offline Advertising is, how it works, and whether my business needs it. Another question is how to integrate it in the Online Channels model.
Exactly in the time when all vendors are reaching out to clients online, it’s a good idea to try swimming against the tide. Despite the fact that potential customers might be on their journey to you not only online, offline they can also be perceptive to your offer. You definitely should not miss out on this potential and complement your own online strategy with offline components.

What is offline advertisement all about?

In the times of old classic world of advertisement businesses relied on the principle of water can or “drip marketing”, so to say, "spray and pray". The world web connection allowed companies to target customers with a better precision and a better outcome of conversion.
Admittedly, the mere tactics from the offline world can be adjusted to the modern realities only to a certain extent. Here we use business cards, announcements in the malls, newspapers, flyers and so on. Only with a twist can these promotion activities results be evaluated objectively. Nevertheless, the following specific metrics can be taken into account.

Offline Ads facts and figures

  • According to a survey by Inc about 2/3 of adults (69%) trust their local newspapers.
  • 54% of all the respondents report that they tend to buy products or services after seeing or hearing its ads in some offline channel for the first time.

4 mistakes to avoid when using offline advertising

You forget to integrate offline into online

When the Internet connection fails you still can resort to what people did in the good old times, as if with the watering-can finding out everything about everyone. QR-Codes, Hash tags, incentive gifts by registering in a website are all examples of successful integration of ads between offline and online worlds.

You don’t have a strategy

Great, you’ve already arranged 2500 flyers and 4000 business cards printed. Now what? Only with a clear strategy you know exactly what you want to achieve, what measures to implement and how to estimate the outcome of your ad campaign.

You chose the wrong medium

If in the very beginning you haven‘t figured out what media your target group consumes, - a particular magazine or a newspaper, - you are risking burning away lots of money and not gaining any new customers and not getting anywhere.

You completely refuse from using text message

Yeah, there is an opinion that a proper picture can say more than a 1000 words. But this does not mean that your advertising message should be replaced by a bright eye catching picture. Undoubtedly, an attractive image will catch the eye of a potential consumer but a relevant and well-directed message will help you seal the actual deal.

Marketing related position of offline advertising

Offline Advertisement im gesamten Marketing Funnel

The activities that you implement using offline ads resources are positioned between the top of the funnel and the middle area.

The focus is on the activities that attract the potential customers’ attention to your business and the solution your product/service offers encouraging them to find out more about you.

Immediate effect vs Sustainability

Unlike sales, offline ads do not typically produce a strong stimulus to purchase your products/services.

The effect of this type of activities can have a long-lasting effect on the rest of the channels in the long run, as soon as your content makes sense and consistent with the broader context.

Categorization in channel portfolio

When you are creating your portfolio on channels and activities you can see that offline ads usually perform the function of planting seeds in the minds of your potential buyers.

This channel gives its best performance when complemented with precisely aimed spears and nets thrown out with a reason.

4 often underestimated tips and hacks with offline ads

Use online analytics to estimate the effectiveness of your offline ads

Use the digital marketing opportunities to track the success rate of the offline ads campaign you have just carried out. It can be done through certain landing pages or URLs.

A/B testing for everything

It is close to impossible to predict what is going on in the heads of your potential customers. Therefore, it makes sense to test the effectiveness of two or more versions of your marketing measures to see a clear picture and make the best decision.

Keep it simple

Focus your message on one specific action that you want your customer to do, and communicate it clearly. Maybe brand awareness is your main focus? Then think carefully what message and association your offline ad should leave in the heads of your potential customers.

Integrate Call to Action

Make sure that you apply Call to Action technique in your offline ads. This can reflect clearly what happens offline and provide you with the information on where you should invest your time and energy.

Offline advertising comes down to these KPI's

The contact average

The average contact number shows how often a person who has got your advertisement actually proceeds to do something with it. As long as we are speaking about an average number here, it is important to analyze an accurate distribution of advertising intensity.

Net contact rate

Net reach shows the number of people targeted who have clicked on your advertising offer at least once. Multiple repeated contacts are not to be counted.

Cost per thousand

Cost per thousand (CPM) is a marketing term referring to the cost of a media campaign reaching 1,000 members of an audience. The formula for cost per thousand (CPM) is: CPM = (Cost of 1 Unit of a Media Program) / (Size of Media Program's Audience) x 1,000.

Get going

Ditch the watering can: gone is the time of drip marketing in offline business. If you are willing to enhance your marketing-portfolio reasonably, because you understood that your target audience hangs out outside www pretty big chunk of time, don’t hesitate to look for possible offline activities.
Remember to imbed the offline elements in your general marketing strategy.

And now: Find out the media and consumption preferences of your target group outside the Internet world, adjust your strategy accordingly, use your imagination and kick it off!

You want more Impulses to Offline Advertising?


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