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31. December 2018
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Offline Events: Perfect location to get to know customers

Offline Event Traction

What is marketing through Offline Events and why is it good for my business?

Have you ever attended meetups, round tables or some similar events where you subconsciously first paid attention to the company who organized this event as well as to their product? And that would bring us to a question whether we can use the offline events channel with the same targeting approach and efficiency.
Would you like to understand better what marketing through offline events actually is and how it works? Why you need this channel and how you can benefit from it? Then this page is exactly for you.
When we speak about offline events we mean exactly these small cozy meetups, hackathons, conferences, — events of various sizes and shapes, — that require personal attendance.
Offline events can be approached from two sides — as organizers and promoters from one side and as visitors or participants from the other. Why one should be active when taking a role of an organizer? Here is a simple answer: this enables you to get the valuable access to the power user and early adopter.
Are you a company owner and considering attending an offline event? Great idea, because you will acquire a precious perspective on what the market segments are like, and will be able to have a nice chat with business partners or potential customers, get to know your target group better.

Offline Events facts and figures

  • According to a research conducted by Event Marketer around ¾ of visitors to an event report having a positive impression about a company-organizer and its product.
  • They have also established that about 4 out of 5 consumers have purchased a product primarily based on some offline event dedicated to this product.

4 mistakes you should avoid when working with offline events

As an organizer

Your commercial is annoying

It is perfectly legit to make a time slot for a short intro about your company or introduce the sponsors to one another. Here you have to be super careful not to sound like a self-important long-winded one, and, instead to clearly and naturally build in what you have to say into your event storyline.

You put on your Show without regard to the audience

Every one of us has probably experienced something similar to what the potential participants experience sometimes when we attended some events. With speakers/organizers flushing out their program as if they do not care about the target group and get paid for fixed price regardless of their input. This is not what you are going to do. As a smart organizer you want to carefully select and compile the right ideas, solutions and content.

As a participant

You confuse asking questions with pitching

Some overly ambitious participants at events and conferences seem to be trying to make an impression and stand out by packing a pitch in a series of questions and shooting an avalanche of those. While well-intentioned, it can be extremely annoying for other event participants who want to listen carefully to quality interesting information.

You choose wrong events

It sometimes happens that, be it a planned or a spontaneous visit to an event, when you realize that the speaker is actually addressing completely wrong group, that you simply do not belong to the agenda. In this case it sounds like a great idea first to get in touch with the organizer of an event you consider attending or the event platform and clarify for yourself for whom the event is getting organized.

Offline Events placement in terms of marketing

Offline events in the entire marketing funnel

If we look at the position of the offline events activities in the marketing funnel, we can see that they are to be found mostly between the top of the funnel and the middle area of the funnel.

The main focus is given to the measures and activities that first of all draw the attention of potential customers to your product and your solution while encouraging the interest to learn more about you and your offer.

Immediate effect vs long-term effect

Unlike sales, marketing through offline events does not generate a strong impetus to buy.

As soon as the activities related to the offline event marketing are comprehensible in a broader context, in the course of time the effect will increasingly enhance through its influence on other channels.

Categorization in Channel-Portfolio

When you create your brand portfolio by the channels and campaigns, then all the steps of your offline events program will typically serve its main purpose, which is to help your brand image seeds to mature in the minds of your customers.

It works its best in conjunction with short-term and middle-term channels.

4 often overlooked tips and hacks for offline events

Use events for content production

Both small and large-scale events, when approached in advance with a clear plan for organization and agenda, can be effectively used to produce interesting footage, text and sound content , for instance in form of interviews. While preparing to attend your next meet up don’t hesitate to organize a little interview with one of the event organizers.

Use events for your launches

It doesn’t matter whether you are an organizer or a participant to an event. When you are going to launch a new important product or a service you are proud of, go ahead using an event so that your customers associate your product with something joyful and useful.

Keep an eye on no-show rate

Especially when organizing an event it is important to pay attention to the number of people who registered to attend your event but then for some reasons opted out, — this is an important indicator. If you do not take into account this figure you risk to wind up in a large scale party in a large event venue with 5 guests scattered here and there.

Think about the right setup

When organizing an event take care of all the needs and necessities of the people who are your guests and potential customers. One of such procurements should be WIFI-connection. If you are going to attend an event as a guest, make sure to have your business cards and fully charged smartphone always with you at any event.

You can break down offline events to these parameters

No Show Rate

No-show rates indicate the number of visitors who, despite registering, buying a ticket or booking a hotel room, do not end up in your venue. The problem here is, these absentees do not bother to notify you of skipping your event, — they just don’t turn up. So, the no-show rate gives the idea of the share of such people in the entire number of planned attendees..

Number of returning participants

You and your team will probably throw some more events; it may be on a monthly basis, or biannually. Your important KPI (key performance indicator) here is to establish the number of devotees who come to your event again and again.

Get going

Now you can see that marketing through offline events is a really awesome channel. What is important above all is to choose the right format of a get-together out of a boundless variety of events available today.
Marketing through the offline events is to be found in the top of the marketing funnel. An extensive portfolio of your events, shows, and meetups is incredibly important to generate a short- and long-term effect on your customers.

And now: As a first step, find out what kind of event your target group would view as cool and worth giving their time, what kind of a get-together they would be curious to attend, what events they have already been to or plan to attend.

You want more Impulses to Marketing with Offline Events?


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