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Rock your Idea – Book Review

Rock your Idea im Gras
Before your lips meekly fold an origami of „it won’t work", make sure to swing through the idea6 parcour.

About the author

I came across Martin Gaedt at the beginning of 2014, as I was reading an article about his newly released book called "Mythos Fachkräftemangel" in VDI News. I found the topic extremely exciting and soon bought the book for myself. From what I found in the process of reading Martin seems to me like a person who has a very clear position in life, the one who thinks outside the box not only in his performance as a writer but also as a business founder and entrepreneur.

I felt a powerful desire to get to know this person, so I didn’t waste time and reached out to him through the common career network, and later, in the course of establishing our own company, I contacted him for the second time on the telephone. In the course of our closer communication, as I was learning more and more about this fascinating personality, I already enjoyed his company because I found his open-mindedness, hi experience, and his ideas-rich mind tremendously inspiring.


My personal key takeaways

Rocking your ideas is more than just a method. In fact, the so-called Ideen6-Parkour works as a pendulum that swings back and forth and through this stimulating the idea concept from the two sides — its analytical constituent and open constituent.
Imagine your initial idea being a little caterpillar that is so tender and helpless move on the ground. Do you wish this idea to one day turn into a fancy butterfly, spread the colorful wings and learn to fly? — Then be cautious and careful, don’t step on it accidentally. Give it a helping hand, don’t be overly critical nipping it in the bud, create a conducive atmosphere instead.





Mix it

In the course of this amazing parcours element, Martin Gaedt demonstrates a sort of mnemonic or a reminder pattern of how an idea can be mixed which enables you to look at it from an absolutely another perspective.
  • Increase
  • Turn around
  • Break
  • decrease
  • Replace
  • Reduce
  • Prune it
  • Question it
  • Deepen
  • Enlarge
  • Discover
  • Change rule
  • Combine
  • Increase benefit
  • Transfer
  • Provoke
  • Make mistakes
  • Dream





Value Added



In his book, Martin Gaedt puts so many questions to a reader, that first time I was asking myself "Is he serious? It is supposed to be a specialized book“. He has laid out things that by that time had not yet been developed in my imagination, and he did it in a grand fashion. It is just amazing how he managed to involve the reader in this question-answer-ping-pong. Try it yourself. There is a movie running inside your mind, and you can virtually feel how this book makes you think, arouses creativity in you. I am glad to rock new fantastic ideas with both in my professional and private life.

Link recommendations regarding the topic

Actually, to purchase the book, published thanks to Murmann Publishers, would be the first tip that I would give. Up until now, it is available in the German language. You can easily purchase it here, on Amazon. If you wish to get in contact with Martin you can visit his website or reach him via Linkedin . In order to generate ideas, — on your own or while brainstorming in a team, — you have to engage with creative techniques. It does not matter whether your work with 6-3-5-method (brainwriting), Design Thinking or the actual brainstorming as it is. You can find out more about it in Jochen Mai’s book Career Bible. If you are active and inquisitive, you will definitely find some meetup groups around, for instance around the topic Design Thinking, where you can discuss important things with like-minded people, for instance, about how to make ideas work and change reality.

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André Wehr
André Wehr
As a founder and entrepreneur, I experience every day how important Traction and Customer Centricity is. It makes the difference between a nice idea and a viable business.

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