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30. April 2019
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4. May 2019
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Sales quo vadis – Call to Traction

call to traction sales quo vadis
Channel Sales is currently changing radically. In the process, sales people are becoming more and more partners and advisers to their customers. And even more so than in the past. Who does not act now, loses the connection.
Prof. Dr. Christian Belz, professor at the University of St. Gallen, has been head of the Institute of Marketing there since the early 1990s. He was recently interviewed by the editor-in-chief of acquisa magazine.

Do businesses still need classic sales?

According to a Forrester 2015 study, Professor Belz argues that websites are more flexible and convenient for customers in the initial phase. Around 59% of respondents even rejected an action with a sales representative. With that, with the exception of a consulting salesman, even one in five sales could be eliminated.

Companies, therefore, have the task of establishing all forms of e-sales and e-consulting. Quote Belz "But: vendors should be prepared with and on all channels so that the customer can choose the purchase or sales channel that he prefers." The customer determines.

From product sales to solution sales

Belz cites as an example the tool manufacturer Hilti, who comes more and more to fleet management from the former sale of equipment. In this way, Hilti provides the equipment to its customers, repairs the equipment and in the end pays the customers for the use, not the ownership. Solutions include products, services and know-how.

Cooperate with the customers

Companies have to be able to pick up one customer at a time in a price-oriented manner, and at another time to score points with support.
André Wehr
André Wehr
As a founder and entrepreneur, I experience every day how important Traction and Customer Centricity is. It makes the difference between a nice idea and a viable business.

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