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Search Engine Optimization – SEO

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What is Search Engine Optimization and how can you use it?

I often hear from many leading experts that SEO is an essential ingredient of any business success. One may think: "Okay, what’s so special about it? I own a website which is easily found when I type the name of my company in the Google search field." I got curious about search engine optimization, about the mechanism behind it and how I can get the most of it for my traffic.

Let’s keep it simple: SEO is a channel that makes you, your content and your precious offers organically visible to your potential customers when they use search engines. It also has the potential to bring the volume and quality of your traffic to your website on the whole new level.
While only a few years ago your success in the web was strongly influenced by keywords which means it can be manipulated, nowadays the emphasis is increasingly put on the value that your content can offer to potential visitors.
When your content satisfies visitors to your website then search engines like Google, Bing and other receive a signal that your website is important and you become more visible in the huge world of information.
SEO isn’t a channel that can be switched on by pressing the button and steaming a visitor directly to your website. On the other hand, this is a very sustainable method.

What SEO is all about

The essence of SEO is in making the content of your website generate value to your potential customers and make it easy for any search engine to find your website among thousands of search results.
We can distinguish two major SEO areas:
On-page SEO describes the manipulations you make directly to a web page to facilitate higher ranking, making your content text original and engaging, and semantically correct, for instance.
Off-page SEO refers to all of the SEO practices that take place outside of your websites such as backlinks, link relevancy, social signals and many other curious things. It can also refer to speed optimization of your hosting provider as well as building links to other websites.

Search engine optimization: facts and figures

4 mistakes to avoid when performing SEO

Keyword Stuffing

Some people might believe that keywords that make your website so much more visible in the search engine filters have to cram every sentence of your content. This technique has been popular for quite some time. Cramming a keyword as many times as possible into your copy makes one thing very obvious to both readers and search engines: your content is trashy.
Keyword stuffing simply doesn’t work anymore, because search engines indicate them as spam.

Ignoring internal links

From the point of view of both user experience and SEO ranking, internal links are incredibly important. Should you neglect the links between your website and your articles, and it won’t be long before everyone notices irregularities and unevenness between separate pages.

Broken Links

Defective links are definitely incredibly disappointing and annoying for your visitors and are inappropriate for search engines. Such errors occur when content has been removed or deleted, or the entire URL structure of your website is altered.

Picture search

In the course of creating and uploading content, you will surely regularly use lots of images because they make your content look more appealing and engaging. It actually offers another opportunity to attract potential customers‘ attention to you, which is often overlooked. ALT-Attributes is where potential is presented with the image material you provide. It also makes the content of your image materials comprehensible for search engines.
There are some more mistakes people make with SEO, and they are laid out in detail in this cool Infographic by professionals from RYTE.

Search Engine Optimization in the context of marketing

SEO in the entire Funnel

All the SEO activities you undertake lie between the top of the funnel and the middle of the funnel.

The main thing that should really be highlighted here is that it’s all about attracting the attention of your potential customers and encouraging them to google and find out more about your company, your products, offers, and your wonderful solutions.

Immediate effect vs. sustainability

Organic SEO doesn’t produce so powerful immediate effect as sales.

In terms of sustainability SEO definitely takes upper hand since the value of good content can boost over some time.

Categorization in Channel-Portfolio

When drawing up your portfolio on channels and actions, you can see that SEO typically has a function of a net. If you make effort and put in time and dedication to create meaningful content and generate the right keywords customers will start paying attention to what you have to say.

This channel can be nicely complemented by short-term and middle-term channels.

4 often underrated SEO tips and hacks

Tune your page speed

There are a lot of analysis tools. One of them is GT Metrix. It clearly shows the time length it takes for your website pages to load so that you can figure out if you need to improve something, and if yes, what exactly you can improve.

Launch your mobile version from the very kickoff

Being the most powerful and popular search engine as of today, Google has expanded your search options and now you can google anything from anywhere just using your phone. Mobile search queries have long overtaken desktop user search behaviors. If you decided to optimize and streamline your business, or you are just at the very beginning of propelling yourself onto the market, start from the mobile version right from the outset. By the way, Google offers its own Mobile Site Tester, which you can use for free.

Specific search engines

If you think that search engine confines to Google or Bing, you should look around, because there are so many more platforms that actually can operate as search engines. Getting familiar and along with YouTube search makes sense if you engage a lot of video content on your website. If you provide lots of products for sale, then it’s a good idea to engage with Amazon as a search engine.

Long-tail and specific search words

Too short and too general words are easily compromised because it’s hard to push your name in the top ten search results. Therefore, it makes sense to use long tail keywords that are very specific to whatever you are selling because these are the words that describe your product or your service with more precision. Instead of „vacuum cleaner” one can use "vacuum cleaner without a paper bag".
Long-tail keywords are valuable for businesses who want their content to rank in organic Google searches. Besides, they can potentially be even more valuable for advertisers running paid search marketing campaigns.

That’s because when you bid on long-tailed keywords, the cost per click is inevitably lower because there’s less competition.

SEO comes down to the following indicators

Organic visitors

The number of organic visitors on your website is considered to be one of the most important figures. You should make sure that every visitor generates more sessions on your website and clicks on as many pages as possible.

Indexed pages

Robots.txt and sitemap.xml are the data that search engine crawler shrinks to find your pages faster. It allows crawlers to index your pages, while you make the prepared Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml accessible through Google Search Console.

Webpage Ranking

Rankings in SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages) demonstrate the authority of your website. You can use Google Search Console to see the position of your website as well as other interesting facts concerning your ranking.

Visibility index

The SISTRIX Visibility Index is a reference number for a domain's visibility in Google's search result pages. It is well-suited to measuring and rating the success of SEO-actions or to analyzing the consequences of changes in the Google search algorithm. In particular, it is interesting to track the changes during some period of time and analyze it in comparison to competition are interesting.

Get going!

SEO is a long-term and sustainable tool which has the power to allure customers to your website. If we take a look at the marketing funnel SEO is placed at the top of the funnel, in the very beginning of your customer’s journey.
When you understand the way your customers actually search information online and you manage to provide a beautiful and original content to them with awesome pictures and video materials, you can rest assured you are making the first step to true success. Then you work in the area of user experience, where your main points of attention will be how fast your pages load and what the quality of links you introduce in your content is.

And now: Go on analyze your website meticulously, understand the search words and search behavior of your potential customers, try to integrate those words and behaviors in your content and increase your presence and visibility.

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