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Customer Development

Know how your customer really thinks

Your products and services must meet at least one customer need! Avoid endless development in a quiet chamber. Our Customer Development supports you in every phase of the development of new and existing customers.

Customer Development provides you with the unvarnished truth about the real situation of your customers. This way you make sure that you ask the right questions to your customers. Consequently, you develop products and services that customers really want.

Validate the right customer pain points

Buying Center Roles

Identify the relevant players with customers and in the market

Uncover the hot market segments

Manuel Schmidt

Manuel Schmidt

Managing Director

“Companies today often don’t ask their customers the right questions, instead they are in a constant sales mode. 

We use customer development to ask your customers the right questions about their needs. This allows us to learn, build and measure impartially in several cycles. This is not about selling, it is about learning.”


Optimize market segments and
achieve understanding of your customer situation.

What are you waiting for?

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

You avoid spending money and time to build something that nobody needs. 

You create insider knowledge that helps you to build the most valuable product for customers. 

You get ideas for your company, your products and services and for innovation projects. 

As an executive or board member you use tractionwise’s customer development services to sharpen existing or develop new customer profiles (Personas). 

As Head of Marketing you will gain direct insight into the unembellished, real customer world. 

As a Product Owner you develop the product based on real situation descriptions from the customer’s everyday life. 

We are working flat out on a trial for our customer development. The compact overview of our prices and services can be found again on our prices page. 

You can experience what a customer development meeting feels like from the perspective of a customer. Just save an appointment about the calendar availability of André by using the keyword #Customer-Development-Trial. 

Your contact for possible questions regarding customer development is our managing director André Wehr. 

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