Marketing Portfolio

Know how to reach your customers through the right channels

Your products and services must reach the right customers through the right channels! Avoid uncoordinated blowing of marketing budgets into channels that don’t work. Channel Execution supports you with a proven approach that brings your power to the ground.

Our channel execution provides you with a proven and sustainable marketing portfolio. This way you make sure that your solutions reach the right customers with functioning messages. 

Functioning sustainable portfolio

Experiments and tests for the best conversion

Unbiased and prioritized

Manuel Schmidt

Manuel Schmidt

Managing Director

“Today, companies often fail to identify the channels with the highest ROI in their day-to-day operations. We use channel execution to develop the most profitable channels in limited, lean tests, driven by data. This allows us to learn, build and measure for the marketing portfolio in an unbiased way in multiple cycles.”

Optimize your marketing portfolio and reach the right customers.

What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Today, those responsible in companies often cannot say why channels are used and what role the channels play. 

Based on what works for your customers and reaches the right prospects, this creates coherence and sustainability in your marketing. 

As a managing director or board member you use tractionwise’s Marketing Portfolio Services to sharpen your existing marketing portfolio or for a launch, e.g. a Go to Market of a new product. 

As Head of Marketing, you win as your “keyboard” the portfolio that can be used with your team in an optimized cost-benefit ratio. 

We are working flat out on a trial for our marketing portfolio. The compact overview of our prices and services can be found again on our prices page. 

You have a special question for your company? Simply save an appointment about the calendar availability of André by using the keyword #MarketingPortfolio-Trial. 

Your contact person for possible questions about Marketing Portfolio is our managing director André Wehr. 

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