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Tracking User behavior

Know how customers use your digital products

You need to understand how customers and users behave in your digital products! Avoid gut decisions for further development and instead rely on numbers, data and facts. 

In this way, you ensure that you do not develop products without taking into account customers and the market. Consequently, your products will go from optional or nice to have to must have

Understand what your users are looking for


UX and Usability

User research and heuristics

André Wehr

André Wehr

Managing Director

“Today, companies often have little or no idea how customers move around in their digital product and what they are looking for. We use user behavior tracking to give you a clear understanding of what customers want to achieve in your product. This enables us to optimize your products for converting actions.”


Provide product users with an experience that inspires them.
What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your product is currently undergoing new or further development and you want to know what customers are looking for in it. 

You no longer want to listen to your gut feeling which features are important and which are nice to have. 

As a CEO or board member you use tractionwise’s tracking services to understand the return on invest, user acquisition or user churn from your digital products or websites. 

As Head of Marketing you make the most out of analytics, UX and user research to boost what works for your marketing. 

As Product Owner, you develop the product with usage of data, directly from your user base. 

We are working hard on a trial for our User Behavior Tracking. The compact overview of our prices and services can be found on our prices page. 

You have a special question for your company? Just save an appointment about the calendar availability of André by using the keyword #Tracking-User-Behavior-Trial. 

Your contact person for possible questions regarding tracking of user behavior is our managing director André Wehr. 

Contact us directly via this form. 

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