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Value Proposition Design

Know which messages really catch your customers

Customers need to understand your products and services! Avoid technical Chinese that only you and your team can understand. Value Proposition Design supports you in testing the messages of your value proposition with customers.

This way you make sure that you tell your customers a stringent and comprehensible story. This supports your product development because your products will go from optional or nice to have to must have

Propose the value, that your customers understand

Value Proposition Brain

Discover the relevant Jobs to be done

Understand what customers dislike about competitive solutions

André Wehr

André Wehr

Managing Director

“Companies today do not speak the language of their customers, but their own technical language. We use Value Proposition Design to give you the vocabulary of your customers. This enables us to apply your solutions to existing problems in a way that customers understand in their communication.”


Tell customers the understandable story
that inspires them.
What are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Your customers should clearly classify your products and services and understand the benefits. 

Both online and offline, you tell a consistent and consistent story. 

As a CEO or board member you use tractionwise’s value proposition design services to sharpen existing value propositions or to develop a complete storyline. 

As Head of Marketing you win a compelling and easy to understand story that you play out on existing or new marketing channels. 

As Product Owner, you develop the product with the understandable value proposition, messages and content right from the start. 

We are working flat out on a trial for our value proposition design. The compact overview of our prices and services can be found again on our prices page

You have a special question for your company? Just save an appointment about the calendar availability of André by using the keyword #ValuePropositionDesign-Trial. 

Your contact person for possible questions about Value Proposition Design is our managing director André Wehr. 

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