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18. May 2017
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8 tips for extraordinary content or How to get out from bla-bla content?

Content Marketing ist mehr als weichgewaschene Inhalte
Content drives action, otherwise it’s poetry.

Carsten Rossi

I bet, once you also have made a similar discovery:
The content of many different sources actually do not differ too much. Might we have wound up in a content-bubble and that’s why it seems so obvious to u? To my mind, hardly can we find a truly polarizing article these days.
Let other players go on with that. As some kind of “Kiosk-content”, that clients and readers find at every corner. But you are going to go along with me a different way. You want your content to be outstanding; you want the power to leave an imprint in your customers’ memory. So, here we go with my 8 tips for a great content.

#1 Go directly to the place where the shoe pinches your client

You know quite precisely what your customer wants. In case you want to reassure yourself and check your customers’ priorities and preferences, here is our Article to guide you. So, you know the delicate places, those finest bits where your target group would be whooping with excitement or, on the contrary, sighing in disappointment.
Try to imagine your favorite customer. Maybe you even can make a sketch of him or her. Now, draw yourself a picture of how you are mentally listening to him and, finally, answer his/her question.

#2 Write simple enough for your grandma to understand

Yeah, we know, it is not that simple as it sounds. You are a true specialist in your field, your company delivering this mind-blowing product or that wonderful service. This is exactly the sticking point where your content has to work. Your reader does not have a dictionary for all your fancy professional terms, and he doesn’t have to. A person has visited your website, displayed a sheer interest in your company and the service you provide, so, be reasonable and do not complicate your customer’s path on his way to make a purchase.

#3 As is known, too much self-praise stinks

There already must be a reason why a potential customer turned his attention to you and visited your page. They probably want some answers, some professional advice, or just to be entertained, — isn’t that obvious? You are probably so good at something from the list, and this is your advertisement, so you do not need any extra. So, take courage to refrain from self-advertising content that is in abundance at any corner, just look around. Instead, entice your customers with your unique story, with a content that has a clear effect.

#4 Show trustworthyness

People are naturally programmed to trust authority; they are most likely to be convinced by someone who has experience and knowledge in some field where they need advice. There are many possibilities how you can ooze trustworthiness: some quote, simple references from some authority figures or a publication. Well, to illustrate in practice how important the trustworthiness, I recommend the book by Robert Cialdini "Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion“. He says, "[...] Authority is one of the six key principles of persuasion“.

#5 Structure your content in digestible bits

Just for a second, imagine the following:

On one page you find a continuous body text — it’s like the whole page full of dry text and nothing else. If the content looks like an endless slew of information that simply does not have a capacity to listen, give feedback and answer questions, you sigh nervously, you can’t wait but close the page. The text can’t hear you, it doesn’t listen, regardless whether you get bored and right now close the page or the website on the whole.
And then there is another page, you will find this content.

It is organized in easily digestible paragraphs, important and unique information is made especially visible.

Maybe also with subheadings

and partly also with illustrating graphics.
Yeah, there may be some illustrations and specifying notes. The most "hardcore" avid readers among your customers would definitely appreciate that. Well-structured and visually appealing content allows your reader to decide for themselves where they want to get from one place in your content to another real quick and without extra effort or pondering.

#6 Be exceptional to amaze and inspire your target group

Cross out all the redundant elements for your information, and may the excellent bits of your content do their best job. Online marketing guru Karl Kratz, whom I really respect, has packed the main concept in a video on his Website.

#7 Take your time

With content marketing it goes the same simple as with fire. Have you tested it with campfire or grill? Should you kindle a little fire at some place without taking further actions to keep it burning it will soon go out. Stay patient. You should strive to let your content grow and develop gradually and continuously along with your enterprise.

#8 Use simple and clear call to action

The same as with your headings, you should be razor-sharp with your call to action. Too aggressive or, vice versa, a wishy-washy wording of the call to action cater only for certain people. A reader or a potential buyer will wonder what they should actually start with.

To sum up, my Call to Action

Cool and unusual content is a basis of your marketing and sales in different traction channels.
So, grab some tips, produce some unique, awesome content and go on inspire your customers! You will see their appreciation, and you will get inspired in return.

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André Wehr
André Wehr
As a founder and entrepreneur, I experience every day how important Traction and Customer Centricity is. It makes the difference between a nice idea and a viable business.

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