You want your company to be noticed by the right customers and to literally buzz

Traction is the result of your marketing and sales activities. At the very least, it should. In doing so, you often perceive marketing and sales activities as loud and obtrusive. Right?
There is a different way. Traction means that your company is subtly but effectively perceived, addressing the right customers and literally buzzing.
With a customer focused strategy (Customer Centricity) they will find you, continue to recommend you, your product, your business and your revenues grow.
If this is your goal and you are interested in an honest and sustainable marketing of your company, then you will find a valuable sparring partner with us.


Here you find offers, how we individually accompany you on your way to more traction by coaching or as a service. This can be via workshops, consultancy or as operational support for your work performance.


In this area you find the tools that we also use in our daily work. These include small and smart canvas, planners and maps serving to better understand and reach the customers.