What traction coaching and consulting means for you and your company

Traction means for you that your business is literally buzzing. You, your products, your services and your company are being perceived.
With the traction service, you and your marketing department will quickly gain a razor-sharp focus on marketing and sales, so you will not get bogged down.
Stop addressing every marketing channel a little bit with the watering can, and start focusing your resources to orchestrate the functioning channels.
In this way you will find together with us the working channels that fit your personality and the values ​​of your company. We will sharpen the positioning of your company and your brand exactly that way. Together we will find out who your desired customers and your desired contact persons in large companies or organizations are and how they tick.
Let us get started!

The way to traction

Understand customers

Recognize what customers see, hear, do and think and feel. Filtering out the desired customers from the pain points and benefits.

Oversee possible channels

Clarity and structure through the currently available channels of marketing (online & offline). Drop bias towards specific channels.

Prioritize and evaluate success opportunities

Depending on the type of customer, product or service, defining the sweet spot of channels and methods that are most likely to reach your target audience.

Test channels and actions

With a limited budget and in a predefined time frame testing the most promising channels against each other. This reduces the number of actions and gains focus.

Sustainable method portfolio

Build a marketing portfolio of short-, medium-, and long-term methods and channels to achieve both fast and sustainable marketing and sales success.

Our offer to You

Traction Coaching

Hone your way to a customer-centered marketing in a corporate training. Your marketing and sales (re-)starts the growth machine together with us.

We show you and your team the strategy and tactics

Methods: Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Scrum

Traction as a Service

Consultative or temporary support with operative work (Interim Workforce Support) as individual as your company. The extended workbench to boost your growth engine.

We perform the strategic and operative Traction setup for you.

Methods: Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Scrum

The tractionwise process in a nutshell


Customer Opinions about the Traction Services

  • Johannes Eisenlohr Push2Aim
    Johannes Eisenlohr
    Push2Aim (HeyBuddy)
  • Dario Nassal TheBuzzard
    Dario Nassal
  • Marc Suess CEO CMO von Sigmund Talks
    the tractionwise "Sales Battlecard" makes you fit for every pitch - whether for customers or the investor.
    Marc Suess
    Gravitales GmbH (SIGMUND TALKS)

Your companion to Traction

As a founder and entrepreneur, I experience every day how important customer focus and traction is. It makes the difference between a nice idea and a viable business.

"Traction is not everything, but without traction everything is nothing."