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What is viral marketing and why do I need it?

I have recently come across a new app, which actually has been in the market for more than 2 months. Also, I had such a feeling that everybody around me has already been using it. How does it work that so many people are already active users? Why was I out?
This was such a little and simple example if viral marketing, so I wanted to understand how it works and whether I can benefit from it somehow.
Viral marketing relies on the spread of a marketing message to sites or users, creating a potentially exponential growth in the message's visibility and effect and is especially effective through social networks. So, it allows building a wide coverage in short time attracting new target groups.

The Essence of viral marketing

Viral marketing is a business strategy that engages the existing social networks to advertise a product or a service. Its name is explained by the nature of this strategy whereby a user message is spread through the social networks from one person to another like a virus.
As a rule, viral marketing provides network users with something valuable. It can be anything simple from some amusing song or a game. One more significant point for viral marketing is that there always has to be some encouraging factor, which would motivate people to share your content with others so that eventually as many people could familiarize themselves with your message as possible.

Viral Marketing facts and figures

4 mistakes in viral marketing you should avoid

You are being lazy, and act not as an active gatekeeper with a negative PR

When you made the ball rolling and your content started going viral you should not just stay put and let things go as they go. It’s an irresponsible position. You need to put in some more care and handle your content spread process with sensitivity. If you want your program to translate to sales, you need to review, revisit and revamp (if necessary) on a regular basis.

Your position in cooperation is not transparent and not prudent

It can go pear-shaped at the very important moment: for example when you and your partners are going to pull through viral something really cool. Make sure that you behave open and honest when interacting with your potential partners. Just stay transparent along the entire path; otherwise, your virality can turn into a nightmare for your reputation.

You are careless with what you say and who you say that

When it comes to marketing you have to be extremely careful in your word choices. It should understand as clear as possible what your words mean to the ears of your target group. It is especially important when you are going to enter new markets, and especially if you do not speak the language of the country whose market you enter.

You cross the comfort zone border

Some actions, while being planned as viral, can have a pretty aggressive nature, which is not to be appreciated by your potential target groups. When people feel disturbed in their own comfort zone it means that you have probably gone extreme with your virality actions. Consider everything in advance and test your ideas in small groups so that you can clearly see what messages go okay and are perceived the way you can predict, and with which of them you can make an embarrassing mistake. Yeas, there is a really fine line that you should be cautious not to cross.

Viral Marketing classified in terms of marketing

Viral Marketing in the entire marketing funnel

The activities that you plan and implement in the viral marketing framework most often can be located between the top of the marketing funnel and its middle.

The emphasis has to be placed on the measures that first of all attract the potential customers to you and your solutions, making them curiously click the link and find out more about your company and its products.

Sudden impact vs. long term effect

Viral marketing is the channel that is rather difficult to predict and along with some time also requires a great deal of creative effort. If your content goes viral and functions as planned, the long-term effect can be enormously satisfying.

Categorization in channel-portfolio

When you draw up your portfolio on action and channels you see that viral marketing performs the function of spreading the seeds in the heads of everyone who bumps into your content and ads. This effect can be really long-term. This channel can work perfectly with both long-term and middle-term channels.

4 often underrated tips and hacks of viral marketing

Stay away from "trendy" tools

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of inspiration: give some nice wings to your creativity. Then you can take a look at some curious websites like whatstrending.com or similar ones. Just copying stuff that you already have does not help the virality. Use your imagination and stay cool.

People like to share lists and infographics

Professionals from OkDork have figured it out that lists and infographics get much more shares than, for instance, "How-to" posts and videos. It can probably be explained by the way we perceive information: by swiping quickly through the message we can quickly understand whether it is interesting for us or whether this very content offers us some value.

People tend to share content that looks credible

Do your articles and other contents have some features and signs that evoke the feeling of trust? A mini-bio of the author or at least the authors in the blog post definitely bring about more desire to share this article with your friends or colleagues than the one hell knows who wrote. It’s just that while putting his name above the article the author shows he is responsible for what he has written, and he believes in what he does.

Develop more visual content

One picture says more than 1000 words. Whenever possible, and especially when you intend to make some portion for your content viral, do your best to seek photos, memes, gif's, infographics or video materials you can use in your content. The easier the content is to consume the likelier it gets shared.

Viral-Marketing key performance indicators

Page Views

This indicator estimates the number of views on one particular page of your website. It can be exactly your viral content. So, your visitor will most likely get to your home page, then to About page and only afterwards they will watch a video or read an article. It will count as 3 pages views, however only one session.

Average visit duration

The average stay indicator allows you to see how long a visitor of your website stays on the page of your article, for example. In other words, you’ll understand how much the offer on the page can keep a visitor interested.

Number of returning users

This indicator displays how many people get back to your website and allows you to gauge how relevant your content is to people who visit your website or, in other words, to what extent they consider your content meets their expectations.

Get going

You see, that viral marketing can be a really awesome channel for your business. It can be made a more predictable activity, where you add some of your creativity and charm to make sure your content has bigger chance to be spread and saw the seeds in the heads of your potential customers.
You might have probably understood that viral marketing sits at the very entrance of the marketing funnel. Exactly when it comes to a short-term effect on your target group it is critically important to have a complementary portfolio.

And now: Think carefully about how your existing content can be edited and improved so that it could go viral faster and with a higher rate of conversions.

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