B2B Market Positioning

6 vital tools to differentiate and convert more leads

Your competitors do it, either fresh startups or big corporations. They push their digital positioning in the B2B Market forward, very often not even having better solutions, products or services than You. 



The harvesting time has been way too long, now we’re approaching the tough economical winter. Survival of the digital fittest, you probably heard of it!

Make your competitive position in the global market GREAT AGAIN


  • Positioning Strategies from Technologies & Market to Customer centric 
  • Understanding the customers’ role, behaviors and needs 
  • Developing your Value Proposition for positioning and differentiating in a whole new category 

Target Group

Managing directors, divisional and departmental heads, executives and employees involved in topics related to positioning strategy, marketing and sales in the company, who want to be amongst survival of the digital fittest. 

Workshop Dates

as requested

1.400,00 €

4 hours

How we do it
as per request, virtual workshop room or on-site. Up to 8 participants.

Your Experts

Laura Schulte

Laura Schulte 
Owner of Project Renaissance Innovation Advisory and former Managing Director of 

Laura Fleming Schulte is a graduate of Stanford University and IE Business School who provides Go-To-Market Strategy for B2B tech innovators. She teaches founders how to fuel growth with a mix of strategic differentiation, B2B customer centricity and editorial integrity. An experienced startup-to-IPO executive, award-winning business editor and B2B content strategist, Laura shows why the C-suite buys innovative solutions faster from people with inspiring stories.

André Wehr vor dunklem Hintergrund

André Wehr 
Co-Founder and Managing Director of tractionwise

André Wehr is a former military officer and Tech Engineer turned Entrepreneur in the areas of customer insights and exciting customer relations. With his company tractionwise he supports B2B businesses in developing deep understanding of customer wants and needs to outstand in the markets. An experienced startup executive, author and speaker, André shows how customers become fans of your company.

Contents of the Workshop

A tough economic winter is approaching. With fewer “feet on the ground” you need to convert the leads you have, especially digital ones. Are you losing to competitors that have with better digital marketing? Even though you have a better solution? According to Think with Google your customer will research at least 12 competitors in addition to you. Their selection depends on your market positioning. With Customer-centric Market Positioning you can harvest more opportunities and thrive in lean times.

In this half-day workshop Laura Fleming Schulte and Andre Wehr will introduce 6 customer-centric tools every B2B innovator needs to differentiate, gain trust and win in competitive markets.

The workshop provides an overview of how to define and own your Market Sweet Spot. That’s where you connect with your ideal customer best and convert more leads for less. The tools and exercises introduces are based in customer-centric methods and adapted for your own business scenario. The tools empower you to know your customers’ hidden needs and communicate how you solve their problems better than any other competitor.

What keeps you away from a great B2B positioning: Product centricity, Jack of all trades behavior, customers from hell, bad digital marketing experiences in the wrong direction. 

Competitor Positioning Audit: What your competitors promise today, in which channels are they actively positioning organically and paid. How successful are your own initiatives so far. 

Customer Development – a lean startup method: A pragmatic and fast approach to understand customer psychology, Buying Center behaviors. The daily life of personas made clear with empathy mapping to reach problem-solution fitness.

Build an outstanding narrative for your positioning: With the methods of customer promise matrix and value proposition design you shape the grip for your thrilling position. 

Concepts covered include:

• Customer centricity vs. Product centricity
• Understanding Stakeholders in complex B2B selection processes
• Empathy mapping for customer perspective
• Pain points and customer problem/solution fits
• Customer dialogue for building understanding
• Value Propositions and customer promise
• Storyline alignment and the power of content marketing
• Digital B2B brand positioning and messaging
• B2B Sales pipeline, funnel and bow-tie
• Content marketing for niche markets
• B2B Digital Branding & Networking Opportunities
• Goal setting, traction and agile planning


Practical ContentWith the following 6 strategy tools, you can address strengthen your positioning to attract and win exactly your ideal customer, without wasting your budget or time on customer segments aren’t a good fit. You’ll be able to identify your customers’ pain points and know clearly how to communicate the value your offer to solve those problems. In addition you will learn about channels and tools to reach and convert your target customers quickly against less competition.

All the tools and methods presented are geared towards the needs of small and medium-sized companies. You can easily transfer the knowledge you learn into your own company.

1. Competitor Positioning Audit: an analysis of the benefits and customer promises your peers present on their websites, trade listings, social media and other digital branding locations
2. Customer Promise Matrix: the sets of opposing benefits and trade-offs potential customers evaluate when assessing your offer and those of competitors
3. Strategic Differentiation Map & Sweet Spot: Chart and prioritize your market opportunities to find “Market Sweet Spots,” where you provide high value with little competition. These are the easiest to own
4. Customer empathy map: Understand the complex reasons why customer choose your offer, from pains to gains so you can identify his problems and needs.
5. Differentiated Value Proposition: Explain why and how your offer is the best solution in the market for your ideal customers’ biggest problem
6. “Why Us” trust-winning narrative: Short cut the time it takes to win trust in your solution with a storyline that proves your credibility and expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Yes, the number of participants is limited. You might wonder why. Very simple: It will not be a virtual frontal sound system. Instead, Laura and André will respond to your situation and use cases. 

Payment is made by invoice. The participation is binding. 

The workshop takes place on different days. Alternatively you can attend on another day. Please inform our workshop team via email. 

The workshop can be held in German and English language. 

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