reinventing customer loyalty
Reinventing customer loyalty
15. January 2019
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20. January 2019
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Why promotion marketing sometimes sells and why it often absolutely does not

marketing loud vs subtle - tractionwise
Did it happen to you as well? When promotion activities have influence on you, they seem to have a little tangible intrusiveness. I’ve talked a lot with introvert or more silent entrepreneurs, freelancers and marketers, which allowed me to confirm my subjective picture.
I am taking this advantage to work out on some of my thoughts in this article that have been brewing for quite some time, and can be interesting and useful for you as well.

Dimensions of LOUD and PROMOTIONAL

We should tune this paragraph in the topic and build awareness in which situations every one of us regularly comes across. I say „loud” because it seems the most far reaching and usable word which allows being used in various dimensions, while in this particular context I do not quite mean volume in sound.

1. Audio

For the ear, you could think, it would be sound pressure in decibels or a volume unit phone. I have a nice example for this. What I find catchier is spots and messages which are so information-intense that it makes it really difficult to follow the content of the advertisement. The example that I bring here really seems reasonable and to the point, while also making you smile, so that it really sticks in your head.


2. Visually

The word „loud” works for our visual perception as well, because we face it every single day in bright billboards, catchy web pages and brochures. Huge fonts, bold fonts, in caps lock, and even in various crazy color combinations, which are an example of aggressive advertising. Here is one good example of a website that I found for you.


3. Audio visual

Have you ever popped by to Hamburg fish market? Or any other market? Market is the place which is loud and it’s perfect for the loud vendors. You are standing in the opposite side of the market but you hear everybody’s effort to be heard, and the whole mess resounds in your ears reverberating in your entire head. Die mountebanks and market criers, and every one of them has some more to offer, something better to offer, each one is louder than another.
These mountebanks are the embodiment of loud sellers to me. Especially those, who along with their line of duty in the market, also pursue further training, and seek new exciting career opportunities. They can become a sales coach, like Aale-Dieter , for example. I have found the loudest squaller in this video. Believe me: 20 seconds will be enough to bring a smile to your face and make an impression, so that you decide whether you want to buy what is being pushed so intensively or not.


4. Subliminal

You definitely know people like this; there is at least one person of this type in our surrounding. Someone, who, while not delivering any effort, value or result, pushes their actions to the foreground, elbowing their way to the front pushing others in rather offensive and aggressive manner.
Most often these are bullshit talkers, whose content often makes others look pale, but later, in hindsight, one realizes that there was nothing worthy of attention.

Conceptual distinction

Offensive Marketing

An offensive or promotional marketing strategy seeks to storm the market by targeting the weaknesses of the competition and emphasizing the company's strengths in comparison. The implementation can be equally successful with loud and subtle marketing.
If it is loud or aggressive way, there is a focused attack which is pushing the company's product message to consumers’ minds and casts doubt on the industry leader's weakest areas.
In their book „Offensive Marketing“ Prof. Dr. Meyer (Uni Munich) and Prof. H. Davidson (Oxford Corporate Consultants) have introduced a formula P.O.I.S.E. showing a path how to build your sales and marketing policy in a profitable, offensive, integrative, strategic and effective way.

Defensive Marketing

A defensive marketing strategy is largely reactive towards competition or trends and occurrences in the market. Such a defensive strategy suits nicely to a well established company that doesn't have to actively work to generate customer interest in its products or services and can use both loud and subtle marketing policies to reinforce its messages with consumers.

Subtle marketing is the key to attract effectively

Who else knows it better than the introvert and silent kind of entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals of this world? Yes, the introverts who are willing to bring their products and services to their customers all around the globe. The following impulse is for you, people.

1. Share what you, your team, and your business strengthens

We can speak hours after hours about authenticity, vulnerability and honesty. But everything should be within the bound of reason. Of course, you can share honest and sensitive moments with your clients. But in order to make this sincerity work as a magnet to your potential clients encouraging them to come back to you, you should use outstanding sense of perception.

2. Your own Story

Do not stress yourself, do not put yourself under pressure. Be free and relaxed in telling your why, how and what without tension — and you will notice as this story becomes shorter, more striking and more consistent. Exactly the feedback from outside, which you should regularly request, helps to see the clear picture and not go astray.

3. Find personal cooperation and partner

Partnerships provide fantastic opportunities, enabling you to express long effective recommendations, build sustainability in your company or start new exciting projects. You can get started successfully by arranging a dinner for two with your partner, for instance, and discuss your potential cooperation in a relaxing atmosphere. You can place your partnership projects in any relevant social media or your own website.

4. Find your medium, your channel

I know that I am not the best speaker myself. Big audiences, events and conferences mean you always have a very limited time, and afterwards I need some time more to recover from stress. On the other hand, I know quite precisely in which channels (there are few of them) I feel really comfortable and confident. So, it makes really much sense for you to filter those channels where you not only can effectively reach out to your target group but also have fun and pleasure in preparation and implementation.

When loud sales can have place and when they must have place

Your target group matches the type of people, who view striking impressive messages as something stimulating, affirmative and exhilarating.

Long Story Short: Ask your customers

Already when you enjoy having your first clientele and you wish to continue working with them, so go and be open to merge with them. Stay open, communicate with them, use this opportunity to ask questions sincerely and find out how your customers view your marketing and your sales. Does it seem too loud to them, tiring or unsettling? Do your sales activities captivate and encourage? Or go out and speak to your potential clients if you haven’t yet won your regulars. How do they perceive your communication measures? What do they lack and what is too much for them?
Here you can start with.
I wish you to have and enjoy an awesome exchange with your customers.

You want more Impulses to Subtle Marketing?


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André Wehr
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