The tractionwise WHY

Circle Purpose tractionwise

That's why tractionwise exists

Our Purpose, our Faith, our raison d'être

We believe that the future belongs to companies that focus on their customers and not on their organisation.

How tractionwise works

We think and act like the strongest disruptors in the business world

In deductions rather than analogies.

Analogies are based purely on past experience; but we take our customers into the future.

Purpose circle tractionwise
Purpose tractionwise circle

You can expect these results with us

The tractionwise value proposition

A crystal clear picture of your customers, their language, situation and needs.

The logical foundation for your sales, marketing and product development.

Benefit Identifikation

This is what you achieve in cooperation with us

Mind Set , Skill Set, Tool Set

Our success factors for your digital transformation

Now that you know our Why-How-What, find some more aspects of our mindset.

We think and act absolutely customer centric. The customer is an equal partner at eye level. 

We live a Growth Mindset, which means to be curious about the unknown every day and not to be satisfied with the status quo. 

Failure is part of our mindset, because we understand that every setback holds enormous potential for further development. 

Disruptors try to anticipate the future in derivations to bring themselves between previous market participants and their customers. We make use of this knowledge. 

Experienced in practice in numerous projects, we are constantly developing our Agile Skills. 

The methodology of Lean Startup with the Build-Measure-Learn Cycle and the components Customer Development, Minimum Viable Product and Value Proposition Design form the framework. 

In category design, we develop completely new categories together with customers, in which they play the decisive role in the market. 

To get the energy on the road, we rely on the Traction Framework

Finally, quantitative and qualitative methods of customer intelligence help to analyse and optimise customer relationships.

In understanding markets, customers and market companions, we rely on the customer empathy map, personas, segmentation and competitive analysis

To create customer-understandable value propositions, we rely on value proposition canvas and data driven content

In the development, expansion and optimization of enthusiastic customer relationships we rely on various CRM, analytics, tracking and tagging systems

If I had an hour to solve a problem
I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem
and five minutes thinking about solutions.

Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein

tractionwise clearly differentiates itself

Our solutions decipher the needs of your customers' needs and provide valuable impulses for marketing, sales and product development.

No agency.

We do not see ourselves as a digital marketing agency.

Customer Insights.

We understand customers.

No consultancy.

We do not see ourselves as a consulting company.

100% customer centric seal